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Twitter at how about a Fresca Mike at swollen dome? It is the rich Eisen show Jason Smith, Mike Harmon in for rich. Meanwhile, as LeBron James and secretary of education starts to gain traction how 'bout saquon Barkley. How is his debut for the New York Giants last night? Well, this is the first time he touched the ball gets cut. Signal out across the fifty that chased out that the Browns forty, eight yard line, thirty, nine yard run time giants. TV on the call. Saquon Barclays. I run already has New York paper saying with one run saquon Barkley has become a star is born Steve Serbia. The New York Post grew up reading, and he'll I read calls about the jets will make me want to go play. But right now everybody is over there subscribing to the same philosophy. The giants have had when it comes to saquon Barkley the guy is great tap the breaks on Barclay for a second. Here's why all the giants have done since they drafted saquon Barkley is defiantly decide to talk Barclay unlike any other player in the history of the NFL has been talked up. Why? Because they passed on a quarterback at number two and allowed him to go across town to the jets where he can haunt them for the next ten. Years, but Barclays the best prospect in the last thirty years. If that's the case, he would have gone number one overall. Saquon Barkley is very good. He's a running back, but everything is looking to size of his legs. Everything is. So over the top, you're the guys they're expecting to be a hall of Famer right off the bat. The run like he had last night because other four runs went for four yards. He I can't take away, ran for thirty nine yard run. It was. It was a really nice play by. He did what he does in call what he did in college. If he ran to the middle of the field didn't like what he saw. I'm gonna bounce it to the outside and that can work in college football. It can also work early in the preseason the NFL that will not work in the regular season. You're not gonna be able to run the ball up the middle, stop for three seconds and let the and figure out where you're going to run and then run around the other defensive players. I don't even know if the browser the ball was snapped. They were just standing around. You're talking about the first nap of the Browns in the preseason. Barkley is a star because of that one run Barclays. Going to be good, but he's going to be more Reggie Bush than he is lady on bell. Reggie Bush never learned the value of a two yard Carey, and that's something all NFL running. Backs have to realize you have to know the value of getting to yards. Reggie Bush would always get to the middle, didn't see what he liked unattractive ounce it outside. Instead, it turns into no gain or you're losing a yard or half yard. This is what saquon Barkley is going to struggle with because so many times I've watched him throughout his college many times last year in big games. I'm in the middle. I don't like what I see, but because I'm better than everybody else in it's college football, I can then run around the outside and gained four, seven, twelve or forty yards that kinda run is not gonna be there in the NFL. This wasn't a lady on bell. I'm patient looking for the whole run because on Bell's, vision is better than any running back that I've ever seen. This was Barkley simply stopping going. Okay, now I'm gonna. Oh, I'm just going to run this way. That's not going to be there. So to think that he's going to sunny all this, he's going to be more Reggie Bush, which is great..

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