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Now the latest forecast from the Exegen temporal thermometer weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl steady. Rainfall heavy at times will continue throughout the rest of the afternoon and finally diminished later on tonight. The high of fifty six though is on the cooler side, and we're under a flood watch tonight showers fade, we dropped to forty four and then Friday, still cloudy sky, highs in the upper forty in an isolated shower can't be ruled out from your severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologists Jennifer catch. Mark NewsRadio seven hundred w w shows a break in the rain. Fifty six degrees right now Lakota west high school students hospital. After being struck by car this morning near the school. The injuries are not thought to be life-threatening Wyoming high school called off classes today after a small chemical fire on the science lab. No one was injured county. Commissioners are holding a public hearing tonight to get input on where to cut thirty million dollars from the budget. The meeting starts at six thirty at these sharonville convention center looking for answers. The black box has been found from the Indonesian passenger jet that went down Indonesians say it's gonna take them a week to read out that data recorders seems a little long compared to what would happen in the west. But at least they have that part of the black box. That's ABC's David curly. It is that time of year again. Now, we just finished Halloween, but already that predictions are out for this years. Online holiday shopping, according to adobe analytics cyber Monday will set a new.

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