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Midway fifty six at the lakefront and in Glenview, fair skies and fifty three going up to sixty WB marketwatch. The Dow is down one hundred eighty eight points, the s&p five hundred is down twenty. The NASDAQ is down one hundred five WBZ news time ten twenty one. At our top story this hour. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee says the FBI found no hint of misconduct and its investigation of sexual misconduct claims against supreme court nominee. Brett Kavanagh Senator. Jack creek Chuck Grassley says he's received a briefing from his staff on the confidential report and the Iowa Republican says in a statement, there's nothing in it that we didn't already know will a much more on this story coming up at ten thirty one a breaking story just into our newsroom safe. Passage worker was wounded when he was caught in the crossfire between two other people in the fifty six hundred block of west corporate place, the worker who is in his twenties was taken to the hospital in serious condition. No arrests. So far stay with WBZ NewsRadio for the latest on this developing story. A woman was found dead behind an abandoned building on the west side yesterday. Thority say they believe the woman was stabbed by a man she was arguing with inside the building and the forty five hundred block of west Adams her name and age not yet. Being released a registered sex offenders behind bars reportedly entering Woodstock high school earlier this week. The northwest herald reports surveillance video shows twenty two year old James Cornelius of Woodstock entering the school on Monday afternoon. And then leaving about ten minutes later. School officials believe he may have been trying to speak with staff members for some reason as a registered sex.

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