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To plead guilty in the college admissions scandal McFarland, a former senior executive at a title insurance company paid four hundred fifty thousand dollars to get his children admitted to USC as fake athletic recruits. He'll be joined by former US women's soccer coach, Laura Janke who allegedly helped actress. Lori Lachlan get her daughters into USA a busy del mar roads still closed today. Because of a bluff collapse large chunks of the hillside above Jimmy Durante boulevard near Camino del mar slid down onto the roadway, Saturday night us eight Steve price has an update the big question about Jimmy Durante road at this point is close knit is going to remain that way for a while. In fact, there were some utility crews out here little earlier, the one to move some of the power lines out of the way of the trees that are stuck up on that hillside. But they felt it was just too dangerous at this time to go up there. They wanna make sure that this area really is stable before they start doing some more work. So this part of Jimmy Durante will remain closed for a while just as important to Americans as the price of a gallon of gas is the price of that Cup of coffee CBS news. Deborah Rodriguez reports as crazy about it as ever. A wire coffee bean prices falling. The Wall Street Journal says it's twofold advances in coffee production, and falling currency values in Brazil, the savings have not trickle down to consumers who are paying upwards of four bucks for a lot day at places like Starbucks. Deborah Rodriguez CBS news, a record day is the stock market continues to recover all the ground. It lost in a nosedive late last year. Bill. Holland has the latest from Wall Street, both the s&p five hundred and NASDAQ post record is today. The Dow still eight percent from its record level the catalyst so far solid earning season. That finds eighty percent of those reporting better than expected. Plus the ball continues to climb that massive wall of worry, and that points to more games ahead declines usually occur when consensus feels nothing can go wrong and those chicken little pundits who missed to boat are still trying to talk things down the holiday seven sixty. Can't be. Now, here's news as.

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