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I am a student at a local university and i have about a little over five grand in student loans and that was i got those unfortunately before i found you and so it kind of makes me sick looking at it but anyway i actually got a new job also a few months ago and they're going to pay seventy five percent of my schooling every semester wow yeah and so which they have to do i think it's a fifty two hundred and fifty dollars every year and any more than that they have to tax me for it or something like that so but and also my grandpa's helping me out with school of law by paying my catholic every semester but my question is i've talked to a financial adviser a few weeks ago and he told me that it would probably benefit me to open a five twenty nine plants or myself and so i can get my state tax credit and so then i could use that to throw out my loans and they're trying to get those paid off and so i can be debt free by the time i get out of school it is twenty percent on whatever you put into your five twenty nine so it'd be like five i can get up to a thousand so it'd be five twenty five thousand dollars and i would get like a thousand dollars back and that's also depending on how much i make but i make around twenty five to thirty thousand a year by motor various attacks income tax rate in indiana oh god i don't even know i couldn't even tell you do you even have one thousand dollars in taxes not yet i figured it up i should have around a thousand by the end of the year in taxes in the state state income taxes yes i just kinda estimated but based on long so just based on what i've already paid in so far is that what you're saying.

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