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Against her having a modeling career late. A modeling career. Yes Norma Jean's life was about to take a significant turn and now listeners. Take note before before you think. Working in a munitions factory would be the last place in the world where one's future could suddenly turn around remember. That's how it happened for. Norma Jean Pretty much everything that came after it was all part art of how Marilyn Monroe became Marilyn Monroe and it was indeed because she worked in a munitions factory during World War. Two a certain somebody buddy named Ronald Reagan was the commanding officer of the US. Army and Air Force's first motion picture unit. Reagan said photographer. David Conifer out to the munitions factory take pictures of female workers to boost wartime morale convert took several now famous photographs of Norma. Jean and even though they weren't used by the motion picture unit. The experience lit a fire. Norma Jean's ambitions and she left her marriage to pursue a modeling career doing more advertisement and Pinup work for gave it conifer and his circle of photographer friends. She signed a contract with the Blue Book. Modeling Agency in Nineteen forty five and dyed her hair blonde to get more work. According to the agency's owner she was one of the most serious and hardworking models. They employed by your later. She appeared on thirty three magazine covers and and it was time to see if the movies would come calling. They did but more with a whimper than a bang it first at Twentieth Century Fox producer. Ben Lyon persuaded a Lukewarm Daryl Daryl zanuck to sign a new actress now named her now and forever Marilyn Monroe the early signs of Marilyn's dedication to her craft and to her own success can can be found right from the start she barely got any acting roles only tiny parts in minor productions but through it all. She hung around film sets to see how they did things and she constantly Salaam took acting classes to hone her craft. The studio also paid for her to study in their own acting lab which was patterned after the techniques of the group theatre Marilyn Monroe was always dedicated to the enrichment of her acting despite becoming known as the archetypal dumb blonde this seriousness of approach to a profession. As part of what is forgotten the history that is sometimes eager to keep her in the dumb blonde role. I think that's why it's important to briefly. Say the Group theatre which had such an influence on Maryland's life. Yes it was a New York collective founded by Lee Strasburg among others dedicated to a grounded and naturalistic style of acting and self expression. I knew how third rate I was. I could actually feel my lack of talent as if it were cheap clothes. I was wearing inside but my God how he wanted to learn to change to improve. I finally made up my mind. I wanted to be an actress and I was not going to let my lack of confidence ruin my chances working. The actors lab was my first taste of what re electing a real trauma could be and I was hooked. Our story will continue in a moment. After a brief message judge and now back to our story it was perhaps this belief in the process of acting that kept Maryland going. Even when her contract at Fox was not renewed she was also an excellent self promoter. Getting to know gossip columnists and making sure flirt with the most influential people in Tinseltown when she had an affair with another film executive the Joseph Schenck Schenk persuaded his friend. Harry Cohn at Columbia Studios to sign Maryland and while this next milestone still did not yield any significant acting role. It did Cement Maryland's image as we now know it at Columbia. They shifted her from the girl next door. Parts Fox was casting. Her in to kind of bombshell along the lines of Rita Hayworth worth her hairline was raised through electrolysis or hair was bleached to a lighter platinum blonde and the dialogue coach. She was having an affair with paid to have her slight. overbites corrected directed still no big break for Maryland. Then she became a protege of a big shot. The William Morris Agency Johnny hide the two began an affair but Maryland refused his marriage. Proposals Hide also paid for a silicone prosthesis to be placed in Maryland jaw completing her. Look that is kind of sad to hear how made over Maryland was but at that point I suspect she had her eyes on the prize of fame. And nothing's going to stop her but it was pretty clear she couldn't have done it without Johnny Hyde. Here's what one Hollywood insider said about the collaboration. At the time only one man was responsible for making Harris. Dr That man was Johnny Hyde. He had faith in her when she was a starlet. And the damned unimportant starlet. When you Johnny in your corner you had a pipeline to the guys that really count in Hollywood and it was in nineteen fifty that all that that compromise and hard work began to pay off for Maryland? CONSIDERING ACIDIC in the asphalt jungle heist film from noted director. John Huston Maryland had only a few minutes of screen time but she got noticed and then in all about about eve. Maryland held her own among stars. Like bette Davis and George Sanders. I don't WANNA make trouble..

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