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CBS News time. 5 42 Research out of UC Irvine finds the majority of transgender women housed with men have been assaulted in prison. KCBS market shaper reports new legislation seeks to offer trans intersex and non binary people Dignity, The UC Irvine study finds trans women are 13 times more likely to be assaulted than men. And nearly 60% reported being assaulted Well in California Prisons law professor at UC Hastings David Levin calls it a substantial problem and relief could be offered by proposed legislation. They could inform the prison when they're taken in what they want their status to be what programme should be used. And most importantly, where they would choose to be house special housing would not be mandated. The California Department corrections could say no if they had some articulable reason to do that, But it would allow the trans people to say this is where I think I would be safer. And would hopefully reduce a lot of that unnecessary violence. Levine says. The Department of Corrections has stayed neutral on the legislation and there is no strong opposition. So it has a good shot at passage, but it's unclear if it will get on the agenda during this very busy legislative session. Marquis Schaefer KCBS California's launched a $30 million program to provide thousands of parolees with community services after they complete their prison sentences or released months early because of the pandemic. Officials say the state is providing half of the money the aid former inmates with finding housing, jobs, health care, transportation and treatment. The other half is coming from various foundations and charities. Returning home Well initiative will provide services to inmates released since July. 1st case. CBS News Time 5 44 the sports line in about a minute, ready.

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