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Organized crime but if those conspiracy theorists just did a little bit of research dates he they were dead wrong and then I came across. The distortion rolling. Stones were allegedly. The government introduced the Corona Virus back in twenty eighteen and Bill Gates was responsible for it somehow and I quote on January twenty first few an youtuber and professional start over misread that on January. Twenty first Annan youtuber and Professional Shit Stirrer Jordan. Sasser tweeted a link to a patent for Corona virus filed by the UK based Birthright Institution. In Twenty fifteen was the release of this Disaster Plan. Sat there tweeted. Is the media being used to incite fear around? It is the cabal desperate for money. So they're tapping their big farmer. Reserves This theory quick beginning traction in many spiracy theorist circles with qn and anti vaccine facebook groups posting links to the patent suggesting that the government had introduced corona virus presumably to make money off a potential vaccine. Well there's one hundred percent one thing I do agree on from that guy's conspiracy theories and that is that the media is definitely being used to propagate beer. It just leaves out so much information in context that would make respond to it. L. Less less less unreasonable way. But sorry back to the article from rolling stumps adding fuel to the fire south or followed up by Lincoln her her bright foundation to the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Twenty nineteen press release announcing that foundation would be helping to fund an unrelated project steady livestock disease and immunology along with other so called elites. Bill Gates is a frequent target of Cunanan conspiracy theories. His inclusion was not particularly. Surprising says Rene Director Research Manager at the Stanford Internet Observatory. And she says any time. There is an outbreak story with the backseat conspiracy angle. Gates's worked into it. This type of content was very similar to zeke conspiracies. She tells rolling Stone Just WanNa inject here one more time. If there's any truth to conspiracy theories then they're gonNA demonize it attack it media if there's no truth to conspiracy theories then they don't care about it in the media that doesn't mean that conspiracy theories that.

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