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A class without any sort of college experience just online classes so this is not necessarily condemnation of of the higher education system in the world. This is just the fact that some people maybe forty percent maybe half are just not making decisions that are suited. Best for what they want with a need maybe their maturity level maybe just their goals right and listen. You don't have to go to college. Be a success. i'm not. I don't think either of us are suggesting that the always successful people in the world whatever that definition is our p. of college degreed people but in sort of the normal track and go here. Here you go to college. You get a job yet. Career it's certainly still ingrained in the american dream. Kinda mindset how did you i i. I know we've heard you're a little bit. You know you were concerned about your own kids. Where do you. Where do you get all this information. Is this like a big secret like a cia. Kind of thing. I mean do you i mean how do you know how how do you confidently position yourself as a trusted adviser in this space. Gray questions steve. So i am a detailed oriented person. I'm an analyst. So i ask a lot of questions and i'm researching data. The government has a wealth of data on colleges I've i have a theory on that. But i don't know the facts but i think there's some government people in government who wanted to know and understand how to make a decision and they wanted all the stats for themselves to collect to ensure and it's from a consumer perspective right from a consumer perspective. If you don't have this information you are in the dark So it is helpful that the government requires colleges to fill out these forms to provide the statistics of retention the statistics of graduate rates. Otherwise it's a big black hole and you would not know unless you have you know. A a savvy. Business sky asking all these questions to the colleges and then determining whether this information is is valid or not and You know and that's one of the talents. That i have is understand the judgment of the person how prepared they are to answer these questions. And and i can tell you most most of these folks that i talked to in college. They're not always prepared to answer these questions because they they are suing that these are going to be academic questions. No they're actually business questions. And how will their performances and this is something that They're not all savvy on because there's there an academic institution and they're Not always measuring the performance of Their their organization to know how well they're doing well. I know from a college perspective. Graduation rate is an important metric rate. But somebody could graduate and not necessarily have a skill set. I mean graduating just kind of float through classes. And so let let. Let's shift gears a little bit by the way. This is steve. Green my guest philby tronto from beautiful long island new york. His company planning vision. Llc helps students make the smartest decisions account.

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