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Radio in San Francisco Michael Krasny the new year began with two troubling new foreign policy crises for the trump administration on Wednesday north Korean leader Kim Jong un announced he was expanding his country's nuclear force and predicted a shift to a quote shocking actual actions in Iraq or running back protesters angry about deadly American airstrikes warm the American embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday forcing their way into the compound and setting out buildings on fire how will the trump administration response to these and other crises coming up we talk with Richard Haass president of the council on foreign relations we'll get his take on these issues in the Middle East review process is heading for a post American hero all that coming up after this news live from NPR news in Washington I'm Barbara Klein the field of democratic presidential candidates is smaller today who Leon Castro the only Latino candidate is dropping out of the race for the nomination joy pelos Yosef Texas public radio reports whom Kastro announce he was suspending his campaign through a video on Twitter the former housing and urban development secretary under president Obama and former San Antonio mayor launched his bid for the White House last January he said he was dropping out with a heavy heart with only a month until the Iowa caucuses given the circumstances of this campaign season I determined that it simply isn't our Tom Coster strongly advocated for immigration reform he qualified for the first four debates and although he met donor threshold set by the Democratic National Committee he failed to reach polling requirements in order to make the last two debates stages for NPR news I'm joy pelos heroes in San Antonio North Carolina says it to reach an agreement with Duke energy to excavate nearly eighty million tonnes of coal lash calling it the largest coal ash cleanup operation in the nation's history a by product of coal production for electricity Kohl lashes been stored in landfills ponds and your water ways in North Carolina for decades threatening nearby communities with toxic pollution under the plan six of Duke energy's nine basins will be excavated and the coal ash moved Interpol has issued an arrest warrant to Lebanon for ousted Nissan C. E. O. Carlos Ghosn who escaped Japan where he faces corruption charges NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports the warrant asks for groans extradition gong will not likely be extradited to Japan where he faces financial misconduct charges and broke Beilin flat house arrest this week in Lebanon he seen as a success symbol of the country's large diaspora posters of bone in the streets of Beirut bear the slogan we are all Carlos Ghosn referring to is allegedly harsh treatment at the hands of Japanese authorities NPR's owner Beardsley Turkey's parliament has voted to send troops to Libya where the U. when recognize government in Tripoli requested on Chriss systems in pairs Peter Kenyon reports Turkey's president Reggie tampered once said he favored a positive response to Libya's request for military assistance and lawmakers agreed passing the resolution easily Turkey supports the government of prime minister fires also Russian Tripoli which is under attack by forces loyal to warlord Haley for half star who control much of eastern Libya it's not clear the Turkish parliament's approval will necessarily mean an immediate troop deployment the parliamentary approval is good for a year and officials say the initial support is likely to come in the form of military advisers training drones and other assistance Peter Kenyon NPR news is terrible this is NPR live from KQED news I'm Brian white the NY show lawmakers are considering reforming the city's campaign laws the proposed changes were prompted by the involvement of a political action committee backed by the Valero energy company in the city council election the last one KQ Edie's Ted Goldberg explains in November of twenty eighteen two candidates backed by the Valero pack one seats on the council I can eat the group attacked lost the election was marked by an ongoing conflict environmentalists like the city's mayor want more refinery regulations the company and unions that represent its workers seem new rules could cost the city some of the letter was five hundred jobs in that vote some city officials question whether the Valero packed flouted campaign laws next Tuesday the council plans to discuss requiring candidates disclose their top financial contributors and new disclosure rules for so called push polls those are paid telephone surveys a bit swing voters I'm Ted Gobert KQED news in sports starting with men's college hoops yesterday San Jose state mark the new year by beating New Mexico eighty eight to eighty five and there are some fun cross bay match ups tonight at eight o'clock cal goes to Stanford in the Saint Mary's Gaels go into the city to take on the San Francisco dons on the women's side St Mary's is hosting pepper dined this evening six thirty in the pros the warriors are in Minnesota playing the timber wolves five o'clock our time the sharks are in Pittsburgh facing the penguins four o'clock our time there's more bay area coverage at KQED news dot org I'm Brian what support for NPR comes from the Gruber foundations supporting NPR's efforts to promote deeper thinking broader perspectives entrusted fact based information always with the goal of creating a more informed public and by the listeners and members of.

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