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For the doctors eventually to say yeah give drugs or maybe i could let the body fix it self right and and see how far you can go with this and then nothing nothing works then maybe we can we can go to the drugs versus go to go into the drugs i and get to the root cause of what's generating this in the first place as opposed to putting a band aid on it so this fasting mamani amendment mimicking diet protocol that you've developed it entails a protocol in which you have these foods and you're on a very strict schedule and the idea is that it allows you to eat rather than just doing a water only fast but yet you still garner the same benefits that you would but you would experience if you were just doing water so we generated out of looking at water fasts originally correct yes and no and now we suspect then we have data that we are about to bob ish that is not just about the lack is also about what we have in the fastest making right so unfortunately i cannot talk about that but it looks like that are multiple components that we have selected that i've actually positive effects i'll give you one for example we have glycerin in the in the in the festival kim died in glycerine turns out to be a byproduct of fat but also is what using luconia genesis to make sugar when the to to feed the brain now if you don't have glycerin the body breaks down muscle right so what are the division and the clinical trial there was no or minimal loss of lean body mass after three cycles fm the and we suspect that for example gristle is.

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