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Mandate in this Bill. What about all the sessions talk David chalian about that kind of like monkeying around get him to leave the AG going there be a right in. Then you monkey around. I think what the United States of America has been based upon. But, but but nobody uses that expression. But what I can say is I spoke, the Florida Democrats all across the state, and it wasn't just a dog whistle that was a Bullhorn blatantly racist and wants to say that he uses that kind of language all the time. Just stop talking what he's doing is integrating state. It's integrating voters who are going out and trying to get Americans and work hard and don't want that kind of racist language, use in campaigns across the state monkey something up. No, no. I don't people don't say. Who said I never knew about to say that environment, which I live is an African-American. That's not something that is normally saying, I don't know. He might have just said the N word. Also rich watching Bill Clinton out there on the state with these other gentlemen, Bill Clinton was accused according to the book are told you about call no one left to lie to on three occasions of rape. Monica Lewinsky was giving a talk and she got up because she was asked a question about Clinton during the Q and A, and apparently they agreed not to. Talked about being abandoned by crisis intimately the recently. An interview ABC news. President Clinton was. I'm so sorry to do this. She got up and left. And she said that they had agreed that they weren't gonna ask questions. Like that is after questions she got up and left. Stuck in traffic? We've got the answer. Brought to you by Burlington San Jose, a new two car crash.

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