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A very nice guy. So I know I find such categorisations. Actually I find him intellectually a little bit annoying. You could save because Haas people need. Those people need a little Drawers in which they can fit people and systems and so forth but I would say The black magician depends on how you ah depends on the position. You're looking at my work if you consider my work heretical to your work from beyond the black magician because you know my work is strictly non transcendental it is strictly directed against any type of transcendental superiority or superiority of the spirits. My a work is strictly based on the concept of life as the dominant and most important factor of my a spiritual life and so in connected to the soul rather than transcendental spirit so from transcendental EST position and anyone working in transcendental lists paradigm which basically is ninety nine percent of everyone. They would probably say I'm a black magician because you know I probably act from the abyss rather than attempt to cross it on something like this and also try to probably dismantle. They are A LAGO CENTRICA structures. So in that sense you could call me a black magician but certainly not magician Because I would consider to do evil deeds which another which leads me to another point where what is evil. What is morally right or wrong. This also completely depends on the time and the paradigm what is what is good for some is evil to another basically rights. I mean time also very faintly auto complete also do not subscribe to such kind of concept. So basically yeah. I'm a black magician to those who consider my work can radical to theirs and You know probably partaking in the adversarial activity. Yeah so yeah. Satan was their question about Satanism as well. It's coming though. Yes I go for that because it just heard Satan somewhere maybe in my mind. Is Your work related to say Dennis and if yes in what way are so. I guess every black magician would then be considered a nestor in many places Oh you eat allocates left-hand pass. That was the other thing. Let me just ask Left and path so again there's only definitions of left hand path. I also try to such categorization. What is it lessen? Pass in Detroit in tantric sense that works with sexual emissions in fluids or left and passing the western concept wets isolation of the identity of the spirit of versus. Some kind of merging. Well I guess I could be considered left-hand pass in the sense that a rattle noses is very central to my work van but it doesn't necessarily need to be in attendance specifically Indian tantric way but it does a specific way. We employ an erotic nasty ecstatic type losses however just often isolation but our `isolation is just a country of isolating the Independent Eagle. I In trying to enjoy life in that sense that you would isolate your spirit or ego and use the world and life as a type of plane ground. Assuming it's just everything a basically a mental a world in which matter is just it's dense projection. So What I consider. The isolation is basically we need to isolate the soul from the spirits. So if we can isolate what I call the demonic central the demonic eye or the black hole from the influence of the spirits. This is an isolation of cosmic type. In which the spirit is discarded or suppressed were basically enslaved. That's how I terminate our noses enslavement of the spirit in favor of once. This isolation happens A while I guess that would be left hand pass and also I do not subscribe another thing as Some of the Western left and pass people take this idea of the Indians. Um Indian sex where the humane and then no yeah also but Where basically the the left hand path will be stepped stopping one step short of complete merging with the supreme. God had where you can. Basically experience achieve shefty mating so basically the supreme bliss experience of the Supreme Supreme Bliss would be. I guess in some way left-hand pass at this hour however of course it's is not really a applicant to travel to us because we are not transcendental path is almost the country. I would say.

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