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That week, and we like kind of talked about homelessness and outlay like my favorite videos because we'd say Kay, we actually like. You know. Tried to help this organization that was trying to solve that problem. I think it. Yeah, did a great job of bringing that issue to the forefront of like maybe people who weren't paying attention to it. That are fans of our channel now know that it's a problem and. I don't know if that's going to dictate what they do in their life, but it's still like brought it up and I think that's super important. In response, Wendell did what he always did kept racing in October of sixty one. He had his best showing yet at Greenville. Pickens speedway, that's a name qualifying in second and finishing eighth looking back on the year he turned in an exceptional rookie season with five top ten finishes out of twenty three starts by points. Wendell had his best performance of any rookie in nineteen sixty one according to current NASCAR rules, he would have been awarded rookie of the year automatically. Wow! Good for him and he's in his late forties at this point. In his early forty S. yeah, that's that's. That's something that's crazy to. Yeah wasn't Ken Miles Forty five when he one Lamont or something. Yeah, he was older. That's how it was back then like they didn't have like the the dry, there weren't like driver, development programs or anything like that. Kids were getting starting racing early like this was kind of a middle aged guy sport at this time. Back then the word was given subjectively. It was bill Francis called a make instead of Scott Franchise. A driver named Woody Wilson for the prize. Wilson White Guy for sure. Wilson had raised only five times that season with a single top ten finish to his name, explaining his position France said that he simply saw more potential in Wilson's racing career. If France was telling the truth, he's a bad judge. Drivers Wilson dropped out of NASCAR the next season. In a lifetime of unfairness, suffered by Wendell. This was a new Loewe. Notably Jackie Robinson had been awarded Major League Baseball's rookie of the year after his debut season thirteen years ago, nineteen, forty, eight, NASCAR was a much more hostile world than baseball. Woody. Wilson was later asked. If wendall Scott deserve to have one instead of him and Wilson recalled. That Scott was quote a nice old boy. He stayed in his place back in them days. You'd hardly ever see an N. word racing, but he stayed in his place, and everybody accepted him. Rookie like Wilson all the way up to bill France. This was the expectation. They had of Wendell that he would know. His place not challenged the racial hierarchy. In what would become a pattern for his entire career Wendell's only response was to keep racing. That's an heartbreaking man. I know man nineteen sixty two brought changes to NASCAR's the first year that car companies openly began sponsoring drivers. The sport was becoming big business now Scott might have been equal to other drivers in skill, and he had a greater mechanical knowledge than perhaps any other driver in NASCAR, but it was getting harder and harder to keep up. With the accompanying costs and without a sponsor, Scott relied on his sons, and his friends pit for them. When they were unavailable, he crew for himself jumping off. Jumping out of his car to change tires and refuel by him sad so. Yeah then climbing back in and resuming the race now without a sense of humor, Scott painted mechanics me on the side of this. If! He's going to do it all himself. He's at least take credit for it. That's so cool man. Yeah, that's just so persistent. Top? Going back to Pocono real quick I just want to say Kevin Harvick one on Saturday. He is forty four years old. But you're. GonNa call that people in their you know middle aged drivers can still win. Still can still be competitive in Allahdad. Means you know what that means known? No I still got shop Oh yeah, still gonNA shot. Old Guys got a chart. Say if there's any like racing series to be an old guy, anything NASCAR is a good one because you don't need those like insane. Fast twitch muscles for. That, you need for like Formula One. I guess you do need good reaction speed Oh. Crap going to be able to drive, and also you're in a free oven for like four hours. That's another thing I've started watching a lot more now. Asana old guys love Saana. Sonya there's old guys with no towels or shorts on I know always name no shame. I would tell no shame, no problem. We'll get back to more pass gas right now over sponsors. If your mailbox is anything like mine ninety percent of the time, it's a fairly depressing place right? You got their political flyer's yet. The utility bills yet a bunch of coupons that you'll never use, but once a month I do have a reason to be stoked about my mailbox. Thanks to bespoke post and their box of awesome I've got a couple of boxes of awesome already including this knife I believe. This was the terror box it's. Damascus steel, which is really cool than we'd have to weekender barks, which comes with this cool duffel bag of actually use this thing a ton. They weren't lying when they called it. The weekender day. This has just enough space for a weekend of clothes and I love makes me feel very sophisticated and grown up I got twenty seven. I gotTA. Stop acting like I'm twenty one. As a nat from style and grooming goods to bar, aware cooking tools and outdoor gear box of awesome as carefully bill collections for. Part of Your Life Get twenty percents off your first.

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