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Game show three two hundred over the Padres tonight in San Diego and eleven innings. Let's go around some nationally parks now Marlins three two winters today over the nationals. Brian DOJ a second home run of the year for the nets Caleb. Smith got the win there. He's to no animal Sanchez takes loss Owen to Sergio Romo. Got his second. Save of the year Braves five one. Winter's over the Diamondbacks today in Atlanta. And also in Milwaukee actually know that game was that was yesterday. My mistake anyways continuing on dodgers five to winter's over the brewers. Key k Hernandez went deep for the dodgers tonight. Oh to pitch k- k hits one high to lift this pack. It's done a three run home run for PK Hernandez to pitch. How do you like that? And the time has broken it is five to two K K. Her name is with homerun number five, and it was a bullet to left and with two outs on an oath to pitch. No, less as that since the dodgers fast. The brewers tonight five to two in Milwaukee. Christian yelich hit his eleventh home run of the year for the brewers. Eric themes, also went deeper his third Pedro bias at the win one and one Josh hated the loss. He falls to own one kenley Jansen got seven safe Mets five four. Winter's over the cardinals today and Saint Louis Peter Lonzo had his seventh home run of the year for the Mets for the cardinals Jose Martinez. His first lane Thomas also is first Lugo now wanna know after the win at Wainwright handed. His second loss that year. He falls to one and two Edwin Diaz got his seven safe fire. It's four one winners over the giants today in Pittsburgh jor Lyles now to ano Madison Bumgarner falls to one and three and Felipe Vasquez. Got his sixth save of the year Rockies four three winners over the Phillies and. Pretty wild game today in Colorado that one went twelve innings Rockies Garrett Hamson doubled home the tying run late in this one the three to broken-bat.

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