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Life and go on to something else because it's not right nearly. Well, they truly will and and and who could have called that right who could have thought that you teaching this this young teenager and and and on the other end of that Journey you're working together, you know on a project. Yeah, that's amazing song. How can the listeners learn more about you the amazing work that you're doing and and learn about your services and and and your other businesses if you'd like to to see my boss resume IMDb has most of the film and television work. I've done I have about seventy credits on their great. I have many many other credits that aren't listed there. And also of course forty-five years of theater credits that are not listed anywhere but nonetheless a lot of my shorts are on Gmail or YouTube you can can find those there that really fun stuff many of them made by students of mine who I because I would teach also writing and directing got often they would suggest me in their projects like nobody's laughing bottle caps at some Shadow Angel some really really fun stuff then I have a number Was streaming on Amazon a lot of films have become cult films like corked, which I used both my intuition with the script and improvisation on Monday and it's a very funny parody sort of mock umentary unlife in the wine country. I think my portrayal I play Mark Twain in a dramatization of his trip to the Holy Land and 1567. I believe PBS has that streaming on their Channel or website? Yeah. Yeah and places to find you many places in and also if you go to Jeffrey white sauce, you can write me and you mentioned signing autographs if if anyone wants a autographed picture from the Back to Future two or three or Pale Rider or I should say not Saved by the Bell scarecrow and mrs. King Twilight Zone movie. You know, I've got those I can for a reasonable fee, you know, sign it fog..

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