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She and her fellow researchers watched as coral colonies. They had given nicknames to undocumented over the years disappeared in. Oh you develop a personal connection with your backyard and with places that you visit a lot and that you love and watch them fall. Apart in such a short period of time is really fascinating. I i don't think anybody would rush watching a species diminish into extinction and we have the unfortunate opportunity to do. So and i think is a result. We have the responsibility to tell that story. Neely's end goal is to use the baby's grown in the aquarium to transplant pillar coral back into the wild and out onto the reef. She says she doesn't expect to see that happen in her lifetime. Mcneil is also realistic about that prospect. The warmer sees that cause coral bleaching and the water quality issues. That fuel diseases aren't going away. We have a lot of things you need to change. We need to change What we're doing to our planet on a much wider scale and even more locally here in florida and how we pollutant treat our coastal areas. It's a lot bigger problems to deal with But at least this buys us time. It gives this species chant That we will be able to enjoy in it. Natural habit patent future the first baby pillar corals bread at the florida. Aquarium are now about the size of a grapefruit for now. Pillar corals future in. Florida is under human care. Some species of stony coral are already being out planted onto the reef to see. How do now that the worst of the disease has passed but pillar coral. Isn't one of them for here. And now. I'm nancy klinger in key west and coming up later today on. All things considered since the nineteen sixties. Same sex relations have been illegal in ghana but a new proposed. Bill threatens to tighten restrictions even further if passed. It would outlaw displays of same sex affection and support for lgbtq rights with up to a decade in prison. That's later today here. Now is a production of npr. And w boston. I'm jane clayson. And i'm peter o'dowd this is human.

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