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So What's got alcohol is being suspected but has not been, determined as part of the crash of the bug. In both lanes are. Pacific Coast Highway here north of Jim have been reopened to traffic Conan O'Brien born live. From Malibu back to. You Conan burglary interrupted at garden grove homeowner. Helps, catch a suspect who broke into a neighbor's house as his, cousin shoots a second suspect who's now on the run. Police have put hospitals on notice this evening telling them to be on the lookout. For a man with a bullet wound. Now this one started when two men got inside an empty house they hopped the fence and landed in the neighbor's yard. After an alarm went off as when David villa saw the men. Jumped the fence he went out there to get, them he actually tackled one of them got him on the ground while his cousin shot the other man who eventually, got away you don't think that you just doing it because it's my house I got kids They're coming here Rami around my. House or do something to my kids you for syntax is about. You guys doing Now police are telling us there. Were actually three suspects the third was driving the getaway car and he. Is the only one who is in custody Cal State Northridge student is now, under arrest for sexual assault and police believe there. Could be more victims out there and, BC is Gordon Tokumatsu live in Northridge for us Gordon Caroline the university's president today called these quote disgusting crimes and as of twelve thirty as you pointed out one suspect in. Custody See sun police, chief and glavin just. Within the hour with a stunning announcement I can't go into the details on how he exactly got him, but we did Davis Marino high, may a recently suspended student athlete at the university arrested. On campus just hours ago so far the charge one count of rape but glavin says there may be more victims out there perhaps multiple victims and this, is all she'll say about the mo- I will say that this was not not your stereotypical jumping out of the bushes kind but she. Won't go into further detail and neither will LAPD commanders who. Worked closely with c. son to pull together this morning's arrest warrant. The first known incident occurred in April of two thousand seventeen the last, known event occurred in July of two thousand eighteen Bahrain ohi may is listed on the matadors soccer team website as a. Sophomore having graduated from Redlands high school, in two thousand seventeen police officials did. Not go into details about why he was Spended, they told us they're releasing this information because they want. To speak to, anyone who came into contact with Marino high may in the past year or so adware told Marino high may was suspended last Monday.

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