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Back. One bills live from one does drive just had a great discussion about parking. Here in a rare rare, very rare. Rarely happens with them quick. Murph, rand arcton cost parking. That's not why we're here. We're here to talk about the bills to the bills. We've undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver David sills from West Virginia in studio with David walk into the show. We have an Ed Jagna. Thank you for having me on. You are back this week in OT as after missing a little bit of time with a hamstring. Kept y'all little bit. Yeah. Yeah. I'm all good. You know, going full speed in practice and it's good to get back out there with teammates. Sounded good to me that you said, I probably could've gone last week, and they just get it right. And that's probably a good move. And I said in may, it's a good move in June. Is in good move, just to take extra time. Yeah. Absolutely. Especially with, you know, soft tissue injuries as things that, you know, if you keep them around, they'll stay around for a long time. So better to get it. Get it all handled a wide Ken, what's the first thing you've noticed about what do you think? The definitely the playbook is something that's a lot different from college pros. And it's the biggest thing is really you can if you're not out there in the game or in practice and you're going through the plays, you might know what you have once you're in the huddle, you know, it's completely different because you don't really know what plays are gonna come and, and everything that, that can happen out there. So I feel like that's the biggest difference from the last couple of weeks. Just just really watching it from the sideline and knowing the place from the sideline and then getting out there, and, like, okay, the bullets are flying. Now, what makes such a difference when you hear the quarterback lean down in the huddle? He rattles off the whole play. It's a big difference is not. Yeah. It is like I said, I think the, the biggest thing is just the not, not knowing what plays gonna come. You know, if you're on the sideline you're kind of looking over your shoulder and, or the coaches shoulder and seeing kind of the script when you're in the huddle, you know, he can call anything. You've got to have your mind open to all the place. I it's, it's good to get back out there. I'm excited really really love playing with this group of guys in this coaching staff bills wide receiver undrafted rookie and pseudo with us, you know what quarterback selling because you played quarterback at a very young age. Your story is pretty amazing. H thirteen what eighth grade. You were seventh grade seventh grade. You were signed to a commitment to USC by Linkin, the play college football at Southern Cal in seventh grade. Yes, is as crazy. I if feels like a lifetime ago. Yeah. Publicity stunt was, you know if something that happens pretty regularly. Now, you know, you see you see people in this was really before the whole social media air didn't blow it blew up. But not like it, it would if it was the first now and coach kiffin he, you know, he called me up and offer me, my highlight tape God brought up on YouTube. So now. So, you know, he never saw me in person never saw j just went off of a highlight table on on YouTube. And at the time that was my favorite school growing up. So now. It's. It's, it's happens all the time. You're telling me, I would say a lot lot more than, than you would think recruiting with social media, and everything gets younger and younger. You know you've seen him basketball. It's, it's definitely going towards that way baseball. You know, you see eighth graders. I feel I offered, you know, once a week now so is high school junior, something happened. Tell us about that. And how that impacted what happened the rest of the way? Yes, so junior year we're playing Saint Edwards at team, Ohio and threw a football and got got my hand pinned against my chest. And didn't really have any structural damage to my knuckle, but cut it open and had some swelling and the next couple of weeks. Naturally my body's trying to go away from pain. You know. So I'm doing whatever I can to throw the football without any pain, just created some bad habits and almost like a hitch on motion. I can never really get it back to what it used to be. Ultimately that that had made the decision that it was okay. Are you? Do you want to play position that you might be able to play on Sundays or do you want to give it your quarterback and probably never play college football. You know. So that was really where the decision you went to West Virginia, and it was not really a, smooth ride there either. So play quarterback. I did you know, I always kind of had in my mind that, okay? You can fix this. You know, you can get it back because you've done it and just never could. And then made the decision to go to junior college, where in California in California. Play quarterback because West Virginia really wanted me to play receiver switch my freshman year, but then said you know after season I wanna go back to quarterback in, you know, I kinda saw the writing on the wall. You know they didn't really want me to play. That position. So went to junior college. Gave it everything I had just didn't work out. Nobody offer me a quarterback and West Virginia. Call me a couple days before the dead period and said, you know, come back and play play receiver so from that point on I was fully committed to, to play receiver doing everything I could be the best. See right me. What was it like reuniting with West Virginia? You know, it was it was really the tipping go getting closer and closer to going back, that was the nerve wracking kind of part for me because I didn't know how they were going to accept you laughed. You came back and coaching staff. Same coaching staff. You know, same. Same teammates. Really, you know, a couple of guys graduate and couple of new guys came. But they welcomed me back with open arms. You know there wasn't any grudges or anything like that. So I it was it was really cool to go back there and feel welcomed. Embrace the the new position. I would imagine with your production at West Virginia with thirty three touchdown. You've probably never regretted that decision to go back as wide receiver. Yeah. No, I didn't didn't regret their season. And like I said. I needed to get everything everything out at quarterback. And when I went back to receiver, I West Virginia, I didn't have any mixed feelings. Any any, you know, I wish I'd still playing quarterback. And I think if I would've stayed there for my freshman year, I probably still would have had some of that indecisiveness in doubt. So here's another bump in the road draft weekend. Your projected as a fourth rounder, and it doesn't happen bummed out where you. But, you know, I definitely you know was a little bit. Bummed out, but I've always been the kind of kind of person that, you know, it's, it's, it's God's plan. He has he has got a plan for me. Feel like I ended up in a great spot here on a great great opportunity for me. Come in, and do everything I can for this organization. What's it feel like when you get in the room, you got these guys? Why did you pick them 'cause you're free agent? Did you pick buffalo really, really believe what, what, what coach McDermott was telling me on the phone at the end of the draft and really just bought in talk to talk to coach hall, the receiver coach at at the combine also one of my best friends played here couple years ago Deke shorts? Undrafted wide receiver. He really told me how good coach hall was and this was going to be a good spot. So that, that, that really had a lot of. Impact on why chose buffalo and just felt like it was a good place for me to be a feel that way. Now that you've been here month or so. Yeah. Yeah. I mean you know still getting back from a hamstring injury. But I love the culture and, and everything that, you know, all the coaches and players are forming here. You've pulled your hamstring approach how, how did that run up to the draft? And all that go would that feel beating citing time knowing that you had a good chance to be draft. Do you think your hamstring injury hurt? You know, I Don I mean, I, I put it in pro day on literally on my last route I was running. So we, we had a three three person script obviously with our quarterback in one of the other. She was actually went down two days before pro day. So we weren't gonna I wasn't gonna I was like, okay I'm not going to split his split all the quarterbacks reps down to like twenty eight throws or whatever. So I ended up taking though the receivers reps just probably little bit too much. But came back and was running full speed for a little bit over a month. And guess didn't rehab it all the way. Right. You know, in that led to the injury, again this time where we have the right, major. It's all good before I go back out there. You come to building that signed three free agents at wide receiver right with John Brown and Colby's Leandre Roberts do Williams comes from Canada. What, what, what can you bring to this group? And what are you trying to show now that you are active in, in OT, as what do you think you add to their wide receiver mixture? You know, I think this is a very complex offense. And you have to be smart point this offense. That that's one thing that I of hang my hat on being a former quarterback and and being now receiver. But still looking at the game like quarterback just being able to of be. You know. Play many positions, you know, be able to know all the positions. You know, so that, that whatever position on these go in at that, I know my job and my responsibility. I think that's that's one thing that I really I really think I'd do a good job of is just knowing the playbook. And obviously, it's it's been a lot. You know. You know these last couple of weeks but feel more comfortable with it. Not seeing this not seeing new stuff every single day starting to repeat itself, which was good. And then having this four week break or whatever for camp. You know, I think we'll have most of the playbook in so I will give you that much more time to, to feel really comfortable when we get back for training camp. So what do you think? Now, I forgot what I was gonna ask you grew up in Wilmington, Delaware eagles fan. Yes. Eagles fan growing up these questions who is there, anybody because of your unique background as quarterbacks or anybody you kind of model yourself after you look, as a role model a prototype for your bid to make an NFL franchise. I growing up. I never really looked at receivers. Really might on my gave them, you know, I was a big, you know, Peyton Manning fan growing up, and, you know, Matt liner in college, obviously USC connection. But, but now I try to just, you know, watch all the receivers I think every receiver has different strengths. And that's really what this game's about now is just watching other people in and taking things from, from different guys. You know an implementing them to your game, obviously, I'm not going to be watching, you know, five nine shifty fast, dude, because that's you know, maybe get one or two things. But yeah it's not just that's not the player I am more like you know, like Zeh Jones has been good to watch for me. Because we're similar body types. We can kind of do you know exactly the same so just watching guys like that. And picking up on things like that. Yeah, I remember the question you said when you get all these guys and maybe the pecking order. At the top of the thing is going to be tough and you're gonna get on the roster. Somehow where are they putting you in the drills for special teams that kind of thing because if you're on the roster on game day you, you're gonna have to contribute somewhere? Yeah. I mean right now, it's, it's really just drill work work. You know, there's really not a depth chart coaches call more of a rep charge just getting reps in doing that as of right now. And you know, like I said, obviously the, the injury and not being able to participate in all of them. So I'm kind of just doing everything I can and controlling what I can control. So that when training camps comes I can put my best foot forward. So you get limited rips, but you have been out there for a while talk about the three quarterbacks. I mean, you've got Tyree Jackson whose big tall. Unbelievably you know, he's a gifted guy. He's kind of like Josh Allen. Those guys have big arms and big athletes. Matt Barkley out there. Tell us about what you notice from the different quarterbacks. Yeah, I mean I think they all have unique skill. Sets. Do different things very well, but they're all very talented obviously played with Tyree down at the senior bowl. So we kind of knew each other a little bit coming in. And really the, the biggest thing I saw with him down. The senior bowl is, you know, he's just he's a gamer, you know you, you, you know you see them when when he's in the game, and he's stuff you can't really do in practice, because quarterbacks are live and you see down in the senior bowl, you scrambling around and making plays with his feet. You know, which is huge in NFL today, because a lot of people are looking for that, and obviously, see Josh is pretty mobile and Kim Ron, but has a huge arm as well and takes good command of the head of the huddle and, and Matt. You know, really has a firm grasp of the offense. Always make sure everybody knows what they're doing, you know..

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