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Ever thirty five at checkout to get started go to hungary route dot com and use the code forever thirty five at checkout to save twenty five dollars off each of your first two orders so k yes i wanted to talk about gratitude today i am into this conversation topic and it all started when i saw this tweet by the author terry jones who wrote the wonderful book in american marriage that wasn't oprah book so if you haven't read it check it out yeah so she tweeted may i suggest a small act of self care right a thank you note to someone for something every week and then it continued she said i started doing this about three or four years ago i love it because it is my own gratitude practice that also let someone else no you care i'm very night both made a moaning sound we also she's at tehreek on twitter we'll put them on the show notes but i just thought this was such a lovely idea it's an it's a beautiful idea and it reminded me when we had daniel henderson on danielle writes letters i think every saturday morning that was parked herself care practice totally and what i love about this too is like i know we've talked about gratitude journals before which i think are great and people should do them but what i love about this is that it's external to yourself yes like giving it's like showing your gratitude to someone else and and and bringing a little bit of that joy into their lives to i i love getting cards it doesn't happen that much anymore i think i've mentioned this before that i have a friend who always writes me a note on i think on my mom's birthday on my mom's birthday and the anniversary of my mom's still eleven years later and it always is so touching when i receive it doesn't need to be long it's just the gesture that i really am so.

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