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And he's on the good side of average. Yeah it strange. How how good the core back play is at not to the highest level but the highest level of the highest level. That's right it worked. We're seeing things that lamar jackson's doing we're seeing things. That patrick mahomes obviously doing a now. Wilson russell wilson doing things for your like. I didn't know that was a thing like like i. I would love to hear the old school. Nfl films announced. Try to make sense of some of patrick mahomes throws like patrick mahomes dropped back and just like many of his predecessors roads underhand spiral do the offensive linemen who declared himself eligible. You're right there's a like an unknown. Look patrick mahomes with the no look pass like we've seen it before and you'll never see it again. Yeah yeh i want that guy. Start doing. Just patrick mahomes percent. We need a new john. John cena the john. Vincent is is passed away but we need the new version of that are you. Are you amazed because look as comics. You know we got a fricken pivot. I've seen you do some drive in shows. I've seen you know you've done some shows out. I'm sure you've done a number of zoom shows you know. I don't know if you've done any shows that nowhere comedy club. I love those guys over. There did that. And i hit a new low of what you'll do for money. Comedy zoom corporate gig. Have you guys zoom corporate version a. Version of it. And you know. I mean to truthfully i'll say this about the zoom corporate gig. 'cause we've done a couple like jewish community center shows and what they are. I will say this because you're not standing up at like his we've done ever. Corporate janai did a corporate show in las vegas for individual winnebago dealership owners. Get we go in again at conference room in a hotel. I forgot where it was all a ballroom already jam and we get up to the stage and we're like oh my god. The seats are you could drive. A winnebago between where the stages and the seats and we're like. Oh yeah they probably did. What a stupid they like. They're so far away it's like we're we may have well been on zoom at that point but the beauty of doing zoom corporate show in my opinion is that there's less pressure. You know what i mean. you know. you're not going to get the last year and everybody loves it because they're like. Oh my god entertainment thank you. Something might my favorite zoom corporate story. That i've had to do that. I had to go through was They i told them. Hey it's zoom so everyone's microphone is hot weekend you can hear one. Just be aware of that gain. The person drilled it into their employees. Like i've never seen before. And i really. I really respect her for that. And then during the show the boss who hired me who drilled into all employees had like eight people watching including some children and they would just not stop being tired time. Like yeah you. You laid down the lows done. Might favorite point was apparently Your internet connection was spotty. At one point. I went dark or something on just their screen And then you heard very clearly because it's zoomed mike. You heard someone in her groove. Say i can't see him. And if i can't see him he's not funny. That's because no one's ever heard a comedy. I'll no that doesn't exist. No one's ever laughed at richard. Pryor live on sunset on vinyl is I guess but we have another special guest wants to make a parents baby. Is your baby. Bring you come again. We've all my god. Are you kidding me. This this is ellie ellie. He's so god you're salutes. Ridiculous ten months old and this is the This is the asian baby This is you don. The blood of the asian work baby keeps you very young. Did did not know that. I thought it was jew. I thought she had also be a jew. But here's the thing are you already like as she's going to sleep like putting the broncos like like team song in her head or you already drilling in like stats and stuff into her brain. She has a tucson. John elway jerseys in her room my god. She's going to be a huge fan. Yeah like i'm so happy rob at the same time. I'm worried that 'cause every kid rebels. I'm that she's going to rebel by like dating. A raiders fan. She screwed she's going to be a gruden fan and you are so screwed anyway. Yes she's she's even going to start requesting during Frank caliendo impressions of gruden's. I love frank mating. Can i just say how cool it is. That high baby i. I'd say how cool it is that you know again. 'cause you do the road even more than we do you did when the road was a thing you did more than we did. And i just know that like this. This quarantine sucks beyond belief. Because you can't do the road in that way however for you to have this time at home as the baby. Is this young. Because you wouldn't enter normal times you'd be out like huffing at home is like it's a gift dude it. It really is yeah. It is a silver lining. Obviously there's never a good time to have a pandemic not saying that. If there if there was ever a time and i had to pick a time i would right now. 'cause yeah i've got to do some in got experience in related things my child that who knows if i would have ever experienced like she said her first word and i was that was there. She said daddy go on the road. You're around yet so weird that she acid she said. Call your agency. What the first word was comedy works. That is yeah. I get paid No i have a question. I have a question. Because i believe that in terms of sports fandom were pretty close like you being ran have we gotten to a point where now we take for granted the fact that there were no sports for a really long time. This pandemic like now. There's just a lot and we get like i. We're back to being frustrated. Move with our team. We're back to being bombed certain things like we've got the fact that we had no sports for a while. That was a hard time for us. Yes i'm right there with you There was a time when it was By the baseball playoffs the nba playoffs and football. Going on where like. I don't know if you guys watched. Espn the day. After the dodgers won the world series but the lead story on every espn show was not dodgers win. No it was the lakers championship. If it was not.

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