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The fruit from over ripening, but then came steamships and railroads. They just put huge pieces of ice at each end of freight car to try to keep the bananas, cool, and by the nineteen twenties trains, started getting mechanical refrigeration in the nineteen thirties came refrigerated trucks, this new technology at huge impact on food distribution generally made possible the modern meat industry. For instance, it also allowed for the bulk importation of bananas to the United States, the variety that Americans came to know and love was the grow Michel, also known as big Mike. And it was a large banana and it had thick skin. So it didn't bruise easily. There are more than a thousand banana varieties in the world. But Jenkins says a lot of other banana varieties. Don't travel. Well, either they're small or they have been skins, or for one reason, or another didn't grow well in one thousand nine hundred Americans were eating fifteen million bunches of bananas, a year, just a decade later forty million. So it was very bad news. When a fungus emerged devastating the plantations in Latin America, this fungus came to be called Panama disease. It was I noticed in the eighteen hundreds by the nineteen fifties. It was wiping out the grow Michel. And so what the fruit companies did was they move onto another country by a lot more land and groping in until the disease caught up with them and they had to move on. But the disease couldn't be outrun. The grow Michelle was doomed. So they changed to provide a call the cabinet banana, the Kevin dish was not susceptible to the disease. Wiped out the grow, Michelle. So the Kevin dish is the banana most of us eat today. It accounts for ninety nine percent of the banana export market, the last grow Michelle's in the US were sold in nineteen sixty five. So our banana is not the same banana, our elders. Eight, I've never had a grow, Michelle not old enough. So I'm not really sure how much difference there was some people who did eat the grow, Michelle say it was more, delicious than the cabin dish. But the Kevin dish has done very well. Thank you. It is the most popular fruit in both the US and Europe, even though the vast majority of them must be imported, the EU imports around six million tons of Cavendish bananas each year or one hundred ten bananas per person, the US about one hundred thirty bananas per person Candida pizzas, both with a hundred fifty bananas. So you can imagine there would be a lot of unhappy people. If. The banana we all were once again under existential threat. Well, the doomsday scenario is that it wipes.

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