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Mayor dot com. I hope people go there. I would like to think that New York earners can put aside petty politics and you're also running as an independent. And I want people to know that there's another way that New York City can recover. I I always said how many years Curtis? Did you hear me? Say the greatest city in the world. I don't believe it is anymore. Unfortunately, it hurts me to say that, but I don't believe it. And and and and and but we, but it's possible to reform New York City bring it back to the safe days of Rudy Giuliani. Rudy Giuliani Throw the first rock he had arrested throw the second Rocky had arrested for the third rock He had arrested Then people stop throwing rocks. Pretty simple, basic principles. Uh, certainly stop and frisk worked. All of these things you want to bring back to the city? And I don't see you've never been somebody that's big into social issues. You know, I know they'll try and say, Oh, Curtis Lee was, you know, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic. You're none of those things. But they'll make these false accusations. I just hope that that New Yorkers are understanding what is at stake here. It's their entire way of life. You get the last word, my friend. Well remember, Also, the exodus continues, says so many of our New York City residents Sweet to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas. If you don't want all the New Yorkers coming into your areas turning red, it's purple so they can come as long as they don't bring their stupid politics with them. Make me mayor and I intend to improve and not move, and I will stop AOC and the Democratic Socialists of America here before they spread throughout the United States. I promise you all of that. I hope people will go to your website. We're going to follow this campaign closely. It's possible. It's an uphill battle. I admire your courage for taking it on anything we can do to help you were here. Okay? You're always welcome. Thanks for all your support Shauna here from people in the streets and subways a Sean, You know, I can even see Ron Kuby supporting you. And I'm Ron. Even though we disagreed with Ron. I mean, we all like them. Yeah, but you know what would help me if he would actually have a press conference tonality? He might do it as a favor for you, anyway, whether whether you like it or not, he might do it. Definitely thank you, Sean. All right, my friend 809 41 Sean. If you want to be a part of the program, like so many of you I've suffered from insomnia..

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