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Noodles with. I think like pesto sauce of some sort and that was my first Zucchini noodle experience. My First Zindel experience and now here it is again and Jackson so I think apparently Wyoming is in the midst of some sort of Zucchini renaissance. And I love it. I felt was deported and the beers. You're really good. Goto as well like the Walrus. Ipa and then there's that American parallel called like trout whistle They actually have a lot of like he's EPA varieties. Would you love? I love it? I love them all I. It's my favorite kind of beer. So just this year amount. That they have here makes me very happy? And they have a lot of fun variations that they do in that they kind of rotate almost like a beer series like the mountain jam. Volumes three is a hazy. I pay with Mingo. And then the mountain jam volume five a hazy. I pay with Pineapple Guava little chocolate twist love and I think the war's is their standard. I remember getting some of that like to stockpile in our fridge. Yes so there's like the tomboys of this war is ip which is great and also great post hike beer. It's really refreshing because White Russians. Hot Tubs aren't always readily available. So sometimes you have to make do with. Ipa's that's true. You're listening to park land from iheartradio. What made Vincent Banco one of the greatest painters most tortured souls of all time? There's something truly magical about the fact that he pulled out of this life of misery these joyful images of flowers and rolling hills and bright colors what Albert Einstein be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Today he was very good students in the math and sciences and he was a mediocre to decent student in other areas. Some of that is why of interest. Some of that is also lack of talent. Was Harry. Houdini predestined to become the great escape artists. Based on his family's great escape all of these things can function as sort of a metaphor for his own genesis and origin story. Which seems to be again. You know a series of escapes. I'm Dr Gail Saltz. And on my new podcast personality. I'll be joined by amazing experts to delve into the minds of famous historical figures. If you WANNA know what really made exceptional people tick then take a listen to personality. Find Personnel Ji on March ninth on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast high amount and I'm Brad. This is park land area. And this week we're talking about Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Mine favorite and talking about like your favorite. I B as you know what time it is. It's actually time to talk about our favorite parts of Grand Teton National Park. We haven't told each other our answers so it's all surprise so map. What was your favorite thing about? Grand Teton National Park My favorite thing I would say was the amphitheater lake trail. Yes I think so beautiful and also as like trail misery. Well yeah as long as you're not very often doing Delta Lake when it snowy and icy I think yeah but if the lake is you might as well just like stand the main go to the top and bring lunch or something and sit by the lake and it's so serene and wonderful and even though like even it was July and it was crowded especially down the trail head but by the time I was up by amphitheater. Lake it was. I had like the lake pretty much to myself and I could find a little nook likes to Iraq and just like chill out by the lake and eat the rest of my sandwich or whatever. I don't remember what I but and then I remember just like touching the water which was like perfectly still and like ice cold and there's little patches of ice all over it surrounded by these like high soaring peaks and it was a wonderful setting and I'm really glad that I like follow through and finish that trail to completion highly. Recommend that yeah absolutely so that would probably be my favorite part. What what about you? What was your favorite part of Grand? Teton well mine was definitely the hootenanny at Dan's Because you know you can just go there every Monday at six PM summer in the summer. Yep absolutely and sometimes even do winter and fall inside It's a smaller area. So actually they don't like just stop but it's just not as big. I think that's a good idea. Yeah and so it's just like it's right there They know it's actually probably a ten minute drive from the Jenny Lake trail. So it's not even that far Maybe nineteen or twenty. But you know it's close. It's like the first thing you get as you're going out of the park going to Jackson so it's in between Jackson and the entrance. Where Jenny Lee is and all that kind of stuff And so it's free to go but you of course support by buying local beers and drinks and talking with musicians and artists and just really having a good time Chris being men he he goes there. He's there all the time I know that it's like like non tourism time now so he works at the national parks and does different things in the areas at hotels and stuff. So because it's not Primetime. I know he's off traveling. The world just like US living his life loving life. Yeah just figuring it out but I hopefully. He'll be there again next year and if not there's many other great artists to go say hi do Support and any. Yeah it's perfect. Good one. Yeah I agree with that. So if heard talking about three things or or more to bring to Grand Teton National Park. What would we recommend? I think it obviously depends on season. Yes but if you're going like when we went which was during summer time you I brain all the all year round bear spray. A lot of people get attacked by. Bears hardly be safe than sorry jingle bells we can put it on your belt and Or boot Whatever you want and it actually just jingles so it creates that noise for you Matt would be like go crazy if I did that. But better it'd be saying sorry. Yeah so bear spray and by the way you can get that pretty much in any type of store in this part of Wyoming gas station literally in Walmart the anything camp stores the national park stores the RV sites literally anywhere that sells. I bet you could probably get at the million dollar Kabwe Bar. I don't think you can actually. But maybe they behind the scenes maybe or they'd be able to direct you to where you can buy and I'm sure the most any place so bear spray and then it really depends on what you're doing so ask a park ranger or a dis concierge. If you're doing anything that could potentially be snowing. I would recommend having proper hiking open for that. Meaning mittens or gloves water resistant water. Don't get those thin ones out. The inserts get real gloves hiking poles and then proper footware. I think most especially do not hike through snow with what I was wearing which was probably sneakers. Yeah no you definitely have to have like water resistant hiking boots. That's even different than just getting your normal everyday runners. But we're like those boot spikes being put on your boots. I love those and they they make a world of difference so do had I been wearing all this stuff I would have thoroughly enjoyed Delta Lake and not been miserable crying literally crying down. If you're going in the summer you know definitely. Don't forget your son's Sunscreen in your bug spray. You definitely need those. Yeah especially sunscreen and specially 'cause like even when it is snowy don't let that be misleading to you because that actually might be made it doubly important because the snow is also hitting your directly reflecting off of the snow and the ice getting hit by twice the impact. So sunglasses and sunscreen go a long way as well as water of course but that's kind of always a necessity and then another another thing and this was something we almost got I. I remember really shopping Jackson. We went to a store and I wanted to get like a big shawl. Do you remember that like it was what is that like a shawl definitely issue right and I almost got it but as I was like it on the store. The woman in the store was like that's a towel right and even tried to go to three other blazes that Had that depend potential of having that and none of them had that one but I like. It didn't really look towel so I was strong. Considering I'm like this get this where a towel I told you to get it. But you didn't listen to me almost got now. I love the pattern and I was like who would notice really like have you touch it? It kind of felt like a towel and pendleton anyway. So it's like yeah that's when we got our first pendleton blinking. Yeah this is now in storage. Because we didn't want it didn't really like we want it to be nice and pretty and we knew that it'd be used a lot in the RV which is good but it's also like that's more for the home the cabin when when when we're when we have a big home to live in again. Oh sorry. I'm daydreaming. I do love her. Rv But sometimes it just gets a little cramped and would be nice to have multiple rooms. So I I. It's not a very pendleton friendly RV. I it's not what I would do to it so for a park. That borders one of the country's most famous national parks and often gets lumped in with yellowstone grand. Teton totally manages to set itself apart and really blow minds with. It's incredible views. Scenery Food Whitewater White Russians and musical activities to yes major props go to Rockefeller and Albright for seeing the greatness in this place They worked so hard to preserve it for visitors like us and visitors in the future. Yeah and visitors in the future. We'll try and save somebody Russians for you but I I honestly can't make any promises you've been listening to Parkland. Yeah a show about National Parks Park. Land as production of iheartradio created by MAC. Brad Care Whack and Christopher has YODA's produced and edited by Mike Johnson. Executive producer is Christopher has Yoda's R. researcher. It's Jesulin Shield especially things goes out to Gabriel Collins Chris Waters and the rest of the Parkway India crew. And Hey listeners. If you're enjoying this show lead the review on Apple podcasts. It helps other people like you find our show. You can keep up with us on social media as well. Check out our photos from my travels on Instagram at Park. Alenia pod and join in on the conversation in our facebook group Park Landale Rangers from our podcast. My heart radio visit iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your favorite shows and as always thank you.

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