Kirsten Nielsen, Iraq And President Trump discussed on Michael Brown


Of Iraq. While flying to Iraq. President Trump telling reporters aboard Air Force One he'll do whatever it takes to get funding for border security, signaling no end in sight to the partial government shutdown now in its fifth day, the president cast blame on Democrats saying the American public is demanding a wall they head of homeland security calling the death of a second child this month in border patrol custody. Heartbreaking homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen issued a statement saying she's directed a series of new actions to care for those in their custody, including asking CDC experts to investigate the increase in sick children. She says they're also asking hospitals along the border to better prepare for those children. She says she's asked the coastguard medical corps to assess border patrols medical programs, and she's asked department of defense to provide more medical professionals. Fox's Jessica Rosenthal. US stock index is sharply higher today. Erasing losses seen on Christmas Eve. It was Wall Street's best day in a decade. The Dow up a. Thousand eighty six points marking its biggest point gain ever.

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