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For kick off you need to get a little bit more on the kicking game in that area Dennis and last year in high school thirty five kickoffs thirty to touch back yeah let's go alright Stanford with their league cut to three burst out for their own thirty four deals with quarterback under center first at ten to tackle to the forty five just to cross midfield of the forty nine yard line run out there Mike Gallagher but our first out for Stanford way too much after another missed tackle by the cats yeah and you know you have your safety come up isn't perfect position well what does he do we launches drops to his knees and then you've got a big first down pick up you've got a follow up Hey taqlid is just added to the seventy first just across the field the card Scarlett with a forty six yard line by some stop this dry they cannot give up another one come up with a stop here the port or missed field goal at least at this point even a field goal that's right Mister cables for game seven Stanford leading airport six forty to go six the six meals meals for a whole news twisted around down there is mills all these got sacked don't use of him to do was turn around and look for the ball because that call was not catch a ball it was pretty much under thrown under a lot of pressure the cardinal quarterback mills Travis will get the quarterback just as he released the ball now Stanford has a first down at the thirty one yard line that's one to go only for the cats on defense really puts Stanford a position where they could really take their time now is zero the thirty yard line the thirty one it's the first twenty five the twenty yard line it's going to be holding her tight in there yeah he held on and that's how many tenants for holding penalties yup yeah I was a cardinal killed today so that can't happen interference called the cardinal turns right away and gives it right back well really worse for them because the white south field position and a big play because they might not have the big play without the holy yeah that will put the ball back the thirty eight yard line and it's gonna be first down seventeen yes are you at the outside linebacker Chris Burke and come in on a place and that left one on one coverage out there you got to make the tackle the open field but he held seven Stanford six sixteen to go first in seventeen snap to bill's looks right now scrambling looking is going to be covered up but the thirty nine by Alex Miller he lunged forward trying to avoid the sack is really no way to do it it'll be second out of long day that is a sack yeah loss or what on the plane the second sack today for the wildcat defense they moved it back one yards with the second another one hundred dollars to protect here second out of eighteen thirty thirty three to go taking its time leading by three want to delay they give it to the running back's garlanded scarlet motors inside the forty inside the thirty five to the thirty three for Bergen stops him and it brings up third down here with five fifteen to go and here's the fact right now they're just about a field goal range for toner based on what he did earlier fifty one yard coach ME two which is not sit around the defensive coordinator on his heels he's put some pressure up there please bring in safeties is bringing his outside linebackers he's trying to make something happen on defense Stevens all three timeouts remaining four forty eight to go.

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