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And then the eagles at three. Point Oh five. Now the raiders which were always near the because they are. GOING TO A. Billion Dollar Stadium, which is obviously part of it. But You know if you think about. The. If you'd like to get involved. So twenty seven of the NFL's thirty two teams it appear on the top fifty list three in the top ten, nine in. The top twenty. THE ONLY NFL teams not to rank. In the top fifty arve. Cody. Tennessee Tuxedo. Flea. Tuxedo by the way. The Washington. Team. Alex Smith. I talked about how horrifying is leg look like civil war. Exhumed corpse leg at infection as they cut away the flesh and all that. And he's trying to make a come. Back, he's had seventeen or camp on the. Active Publicis on that means physically unable to. Perform. And Ron Rivera. That's he will not rule him out of the competition as long. As he does one thing. That is. Becomes part of our equation. That's the truth of the matter. Well, we know how much? They have faith or lease. They've put a lot of eggs in the basket dwayne Haskins. At Ohio state he's a quarterback there. But. Smith thirty, six years old. was very effective for. The niners near the end for cabinet to go acted for the chiefs. and. If you look at. The last nine years he's done one, hundred, forty, two touchdowns and forty eight picks. That's not bad. And Rivera said. Quote, this will be appear competition the big thing more than any. So we can get a good evaluation of quarterback. Ex while the leader in the clubhouse Twain hoskins obviously. Now. What did he do? He threw seven touchdowns and seven picks. They were a horrible team. They were last points per. Game where almost last in passing five point eight yards they were horrible. Now. Hi Allen was acquired by Washington to challenge asking him. He started a few games for Rivera down. Larry knows him well and airline Ah. But. If haskins compete, he should get it but I mean how? Smith. Last time, he played twenty seventeen. It's been a while but. You know I'm rooting for the guy because like I said, his injury was her Harley. Myrtle take a quick break come on back and hundred eight seven eight played Gideon girl..

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