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Big things you're doing a big thing now, and we'll talk about that in a second. But I think you're all going to agree. I I hope that you could get you a ten million hits on video. You could get your get your projects shouted out in variety your deadline. Some of those big Hollywood things the trade nothing feels weirdly better than getting in your small hometown newspaper, and like being I don't know. I feel like never love it. Never more naked. I feel like I feel my most. Publicly. I feel like I I'm hidden from my hometown to the point that it every now, and then I still get message people still crusher toaster. And I'm like, oh, wow. Yeah. Man. So weird for me. I'm going back to Tampa. To a stand up show in Tampa may twenty you're going to be your home that newspaper in my home to and there's somebody who is from my hometown newspaper wants to. I'm about to go through this. And I'm I'm very only just puck. I don't know. But it's something like that. It always feels real good. And it's happening. Couple of it is it is a good feeling weirdest. Good strange reading it like for whatever reason your conscious Leger. It's cool. Right. I actually my brother found a time. When I wasn't it before when I was in fourth grade with my grandparents who have both passed, but it was just like, they we brought home the newspaper to show my parents. He had that by accident when he's doing some cleaning. So it was just kind of a sweet moment where I now have both of those house, and if I ever do scrapbook, I can put those together. One hundred percent agree. It's super flattering. And I don't know if Lou extra special little childhood Sam getting shout out from the people that that you grew up around in revered, and I did a graduation speech at my high school once I was nervous beyond all belief. But looking back on it. It's one of my favorite honors that I've ever had get to do that just left my school. I didn't graduate. Big enough. They'll claim you. I honestly if if any school I've been to asks me because of some form of fame reason to come talk at the school. I swear to God, I would go and just be like you. You don't want to hear from me graduate from the school? I didn't like this school. Your brand is going to be so established that they're going to be no. Listen to that. Shout out to Columbia falls high school, by the way, go out cats. So Sam Bashar what a treat avenue on the valley. Kent's I is this your first time on this one eight is. Yeah. And we're so I love you so much Sam, and I miss you so much she tune and. You know, it's it's I have nothing bad to say about you Sam good boy. And I'm glad you're here. And I think we should do more stuff together. I agree too long. And you know, we're all busy with our shit. Which by the way, you talk about what the hell you're working on right now. I kind of guys been busy. I've been doing a little thing over with my co host DJ Wooldridge, and we formerly of sorted and go, and we just started teaming up with people behind life noggin to make a channel called might be awesome. And the idea is just kind of answering big nerdy questions using animation because life noggin does better. And then we will dive into them and find like weird avenues, we can go down, and we have to work with awesome.

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