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I liked it. Okay, cool. The lateral Lisp. Signs didn't win a single rally in 1993 while Toyota and his former teammate yu ha con kenin won the manufacturers and the driver's championship, respectively. Launcher withdrew from WRC competition altogether after the 1993 season. That was the year I was born. They're like, oh no, Nolan's on the planet. Oh no. Which better get ready for this guy who's gonna be a phenom. Science moved on to a more inexperienced but highly motivated Subaru team in 1994, where he drove the Impreza 5 5 5, this is the gold one, right? No, I believe this is, this is the blue one with the this is a blue one. Okay. We drove the Impreza 5 5 5 to its first ever win at the acropolis rally in Greece. This is also his first of three stints teaming up with con McRae. Hey, hey, I know that guy. You know that guy. This is cool 'cause I remember we mentioned Carlos Sainz in our column mccray series, and I was like, huh, I wonder when we'll ever talk about this. And now we are. Yeah. Subaru plays second in the manufacturer's championship that year. Science was in position to win his third driver's championship, leading in the final rally before spinning out retiring from the race and finishing second overall for the season. That sucks, man. That's the thing about racing is just everything can change in a blink of an eye. This was the second time signs lost a driver's championship that seemed to be well in hand in the final rally of the season and it wouldn't be the last. Science came out strong in 1995 winning the Monte Carlo rally, and then the rally to Portugal, despite driving the last 7 kilometers with a broken brake line. What? How? Barely worked or didn't work at all. Yeah, I'm not sure. Science tour three ligaments in his shoulder falling off a bicycle and was forced to sit out rally New Zealand. I think, okay, new rule, I think if you are involved in something big, you don't take any risks. Don't blow it, you know, don't ride the bike. I almost blew it when I broke my collarbone on my BMX bike. We were like two months away from shooting high low and the first season of HiLOW and I kind of bloat, I could have blown it. It would have been bad for yeast still could have done it, but it would have been uncomfortable it would have been very uncomfortable, but luckily it healed up and I was able to do it by the time. But anyway, not to bring everything back to baseball, but there's a picture. Madison Bumgarner, who they found out later that he was riding bulls under a different name because what he was banned from doing anything that could have messed up his arms or hands. And I think he broke his hand and said that it was, he was riding an ATV, but then it came out that he was riding bulls. Oh my God, yeah, don't blow it. Don't blow it. This injury combined with a retirement in rally Australia and a shortened 8 event season, opened the door for teammate con mccray to catch up in the driver's championship standings. Signs and McRae were in positions one and two heading into the final stage of the Catalunya rally in Spain. But because the Subaru team was so far ahead of the rest of the field, Subaru team director David Richards told McCrae not to battle signs for first and risk a wreck that would ruin Subaru's certain one to finish. The Scotsman McCrae ignored this direction, of course, and went all out in the race, eventually passing signs and losing only because of self inflicted time penalty, he took to keep the team somewhat happy. Signs was not happy. That's crazy. I mean, to pass someone in rally is really impressive because I think they leave in staggered, they have staggered starts, whether it might be like 30 seconds or a minute between the cars. So you're making up serious time and then you're also passing on some of the skinniest sketchiest roads. Yeah, it's wild. Yeah. Would you say it's impressive? Yeah, Joe, I would. McRae went on to win the final RAC rally in front of his home crowd in the UK to secure his first and only drivers championship. Signs got second helping super to win its first manufacturers championship. This was the third time science felt he could have and should have won the driver's championship. If it weren't for his injury and unruly teammate. Signs left Subaru with an aching shoulder and a horrible taste in his mouth. Frustrated and looking for yet another fresh start in 1996, signs rejoined Ford, driving the escort RS Cosworth. Signs finished third overall for the season, behind Tommy mcin and mccray. It was a rather unremarkable year for signs. Although he did chalk up an impressive win at the inaugural rally Indonesia, where climate provided a unique challenge, sign said quote, suddenly you start the rally and you could get a storm full of water in everything and you can not imagine how slippery it was. The fastest hiring those conditions was the snow tires. Luis moya claimed it was so slippery in Indonesia, the couldn't even stand. I'm pretty good at standing, though. I don't know. I can stand. We'll get back to more past gas, but right now, a word from our sponsors. Can I be honest with you? We all struggle with feeling motivated to get up and get moving, go exercise. I can speak to that to know in because I have such a hard time getting up, forcing myself to go exercise. Well, that's what makes peloton so cool is you can do any type of workout whenever you want. They got all types of workout classes. They got cycling, and they got boxing, they got whatever you're into, whenever you want. 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