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Highly competitive live with one of the largest and most profitable businesses on planet or today and you know we've got <hes> you know a hell of a good team. You know going after yeah. I gotta tell you it's completely brilliant when we were. We were talking about that. We sort of understanding where you guys. Were doing there. Yeah we wanted to know. I wanna try. I want these and i just went through a process where i was moving to a new home right and i was going through some of these old photos of my kids at different ages and i was thinking eighteen wow like how cool is it going to be for folks in the future now who have kids to be able to pop up a v._r. Camera in the be able well the capture the little kids running around at various ages that you could never capture before like i is so profound to me. I was literally started to cry. When i was is looking at pictures of my four year old daughter at the time and my eight year old son who's now almost eighteen and my daughter's almost fourteen those are those are gone. Those numbers gone those little four year old eight-year-old. They don't exist anymore but if you had v._r. Then you had the opportunity to capture those moments forever for your family to be able. Let's sit in a room with the little rugrats running around. I think like you know music is really profound and it's a great way to entre. Pointing people are going to experience it but i tell you what if your parents and you wanna capture your children's memories in a new profound way that's going to just blow your mind years down the road and you can sit in the room with the kids at the early age all man. That's that's just so amazing what you built. I think a lot of people are gonna benefit from it. You know it's so funny that you say that because you know i've been i've been saying this for a while. I had <hes> you know. Unfortunately i lost child several years ago and <hes> and i was actually during the that jared we were actually building a camera on and and prototypes that they were actually <hes> you know i i actually had one that was it was working and you know if i had known men right and i captured. <hes> you know my experience variance with my son i can tell you how a profoundly important <hes> you know that the medium would be to me and because you know i guess people who haven't experienced it. You know it's hard to sort of understand. The are for those who have experienced it. They know that it is almost like a religious experience because you can literally are out of your body and your someplace else and you know it it. It's it's good enough that literally tricks your brain into into believing that you're someplace where you are you are not and so i think i yeah i think a lot of people don't talk about what you just put out but i think it is it is it is dead on and that's why people come talk about markets for v._r. There is that one basic profound one. Which is you know an. I an i would you rather look through photos of a wedding or would you rather capture your wedding in v._r. I mean if you really want to go back and experience your wedding. I can guarantee you. We are going to be a heck of a lot. You know <hes> more fulfilling rolling then going through a stage <hes> you know a stage set of photos and in an album so you know i i recently cut it had been describing one of the things that we are in the cameras and that's really sort of creating an empathy machine because projecting yourself into all these other places <hes> you know so easily just find putting on a headset. You know there's there's potential understand things. You said you know people who've never leave their house. Either city yellow experienced <hes> you know things all around the world is kind of like television was the first step ars assist other big meet those kinds of things right and we get smaller glasses. I mean you know the the headset started up big. They're starting to get smaller. Learn how you can get a little. You know head said that you slip your phone into a coming. I can't wait so you know. I i think going after music as a music fan is a logical first step because the cost of attending a concert now is so expensive and dan you know who doesn't want to be front and center while with one of these cameras and i see a huge opportunity for people who are thinking entrepreneurial here to get a camera and be able to reach out to venues and two agents for various bands to be able to offer this to them. <hes> you know there's a day coming where where instead of pay per view just for big fights people will be paying pay per view for a live show to have a front row center seat at you know at taylor swift concert that they're not gonna pay a thousand dollars for that front center seat but they could put on their headset. Pay twenty five dollars inexperienced that concert live as though they are there and i guess that's kind of why you're going after music. I is that right. Yeah i mean it's actually better than that right so our vision asian is your backstage. You're on the stage by the drummer by saying you're down in the you know moskva river dancing then you're at the at the at the board you know so so it's a ability to seamlessly roam around the syllabi but always being present there is offering you actually more more than just what you get with a thousand dollars or get a thousand dollars being inserted a front grow so to for us you know all all this amazing technology you know one of the limiting factors results as has driven the recreation video coin was lowering during the cost of that kind of production so so that more and more and more people because the company sought live plant. We want cameras running twenty four hours a day seven the days we all over the world why go to zoo in berlin well we wanna let you down and and one of the impediments cost and so if we can if we can use video corean oriented get our costs and the cost of everybody else being amazon gown fifty sixty percent it allows for <hes> in our case it it allows for the v._r. System to <hes> to grow much faster <hes> and in the case of media companies it allows them to save money that they can put into programming programming which is really where they need to spend money to competing against amazon prime and <hes> and that lex and one hundred other services that are are about to launch soon very interesting one of the cool things that i found about it was like when setting up a unit which is very easy to set up with putting the headphones wrong and then seeing yourself. You're sitting right there. Cameras like mewing you and you're like you look at it and you're like sitting over on the trick it is it's one of those things like your consciousness as been totally shifted and it was such a trick to like look at yourself in real time for the most part maybe like four or five seconds delay and <hes> those yeah so as you know you're. You're one of its turns out very few people. Who've i'm seeing themselves live because it's so complicated to do live hours stitches of video together. All it's live so so i've i watched people do this a bunch and they had they tend to turn themselves sort of perpendicular to the camera kind of look at their gut. It's funny the deal where they can see themselves as someone else drouet start that kito diet. I literally gig right after looking at life better than i thought we up sell diets with right not that that actually feels more like an out of body experience right because you're watching herself and i'm i set it up in my kitchen by my my my living room area and there i am in. I've got the headset on and i'm walking away from the camera but i'm watching myself walk away and it was it was so is it was it was really weird so of course the practical applications for this go beyond music. I see for sports fans like mr travis right. Who's a big kansas city fan dan to be able to be in v._r. And watch the game from the fifty are liner from the end zone or you know from halfway up or from the players will y y be in the middle of the players on the on the sidelines. This is coming and you are. You're the guy who is the first one to really bring this. There and i guess if you've got an oculus go a samsung gut <hes> gear v._r. Or the daydream download the life if planet app nc content that is available that right yep and <hes> and then sony playstation is coming as h._e._c. by when when it's the quest coming because that's what i've got now sold by rift i i think i think everything that's now running on <hes>. I think everything's running on the go is coming to the quest reporting reporting it over but it can be very very sued. We've built this quest at but i think fear i waste make all the bill out trump on a class so it <hes> fetching me very much longer home in a we <hes> we sort of think of ourselves as serving the foremost video innovation company on planet or you know used to be you think about all the the big companies right you think about google and twitter and baseba- <hes> an amazon these are all companies really built around built around tax and graphics right that really is in their d._n._a. Doesn't mean you know obviously you've been. You know obviously <hes> <hes> you know. Amazon added at a video the video service but not really their d._n._a. D._n._a. is honored percent in video and what we try. You know what we're we're using the blockchain community working griffin unity to create first of all a whole new class of applications because honestly there's been very little innovation with amazon google basically controlling video. I mean youtube. Was you know obviously innovation but doesn't a lot has happened since then so so miami having been appointed by having you know a university developers we we want to engage a whole new set of innovators around video and then and then the big thing is just take this industry. That's massive and really compress the cost down what we did with salesforce we we the the service will cost one tenth as much as the software. We were competing with and also delivered a lot more innovation. That's exactly what we're doing. We're fraction of uh not a bunny the amazon and google charged for their centralized data centers but the world is going be centralized that includes five jay and so it so i i generally think we are going to be in in in the world of pain. I think we're we're going to be you know in a year burger to be absolutely <hes> one of the biggest and most important baps that <hes> that exists because the market and we put together together really good game. I agree to tell us a little bit about the the blockchain v._r. Network being put together. Yes so what we wanted to do is just certain leverage to skill sets that <hes> we have so so the idea was to take our technology and <hes> and and extend it to like you and and and other <hes> influencers and and allow those influencers to be able to capture sure <hes> at a <hes> whether you're at a conference whatever and you're interviewing people to be able to capture means moments <hes> and to be able. It's a share them in v._r. And guys like you've got a very large <hes> audience you've already built and different people have built audiences in different in various various different domains youtubers twitter whatever <hes> podcast and so it's really about the technology is easy enough to allow he'd like yourselves and others who are important lords the animal to extend their audience into this new <hes> the art community <hes> and it's it's great for the it's great for the whole <hes> crypto watching community i think because <hes> you know war and better and and more interesting content and for us it's a great way of showcasing you know just how how innovative we are when it comes to <hes> it comes to delivering video based technologies so it kind of put our our two skill sets in around blockchain and and <hes> and video and we married into into something that we hope grows into a really super helpful venue for people to learn you know from from people like you guys <hes> about the world of a crypto hopefully hopefully we're just at the very early <hes> phase of of the world getting to know and understand this new technology and hopefully we can help you know evangelize.

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