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Williamson and wonderful to hear all my fellow candidates who are here this afternoon and I have agreed with more of them and more of the things that they said that I disagreed with but I also think we need to pay some facts we've been saying these things and we lost last time we've been saying many of these things we've been promoting the same because the political values and we've been losing congressional seats too often we've been losing senatorial seats too often and so I want to talk to you about the kind of transformation we need in this country it will only happen if we have a transformation in our politics and it will only happen if we as Democrats embraced a more transformational vision ladies and gentlemen I read an interview with Jared Kushner and your question is said that he had been in a McDonald's with his father in law and he told his father in law there's so many angry people out there he said we could harness all that anger and we could make you president and I thought to myself when I read that there's so many good people out there so many decent people out there there's so many loving people out there we go to harness all that and change the world good people loving people but the American people's goodness and love has not been channeled through American politics in a way that it should be and for a long time and the only way we're going to do that ladies and gentleman is if we get really more a more deep and way more real because love tells truth we have an enemy here there's more than one political candidates we have collectivized fear hatred bigotry racism Islamophobia anti semitism they're a lot more people in this country who love them to hate those who hate you with seriousness and I are politicized we need to take a love the only way you're going to be a lot of his with some big truth the Democratic Party is only going to win this election and the Democratic Party if we start telling some big too often we have not.

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