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Isn't that the sun deluca make no indefinite to explain this experience. Explanation of it is impossible. I can conceive no theory upon which to base. Even the most slender attempt it baffles me. It has always baffled me and it will continue to baffle me yet. The impressive thing loses nothing of its vividness with time. It's clear before me now. As it was within a few hours of its event. I believe i had a ghost knocking. I am certain. I saw a ghost moving indigestion fancy in awe and distorted brain. You will say no doubt. I wish i could think it was. But it wasn't the sequel to that glimpse of the dead was to terrible the caused to pertinent to the effect to permit for one moment of any attribution to disorder mental. Or eliminatory know what i saw was actual self existent. I will set down the facts for you as they occurred in utilize. Explain them away if you can then if you remain unconvinced go to gotham by the german ocean and hey what the folks that have to say. They are a stodgy. People incapable oughta leave the most insignificant. Hyperbole they will tell you this tale plainly as i tell it to you they believe as i believe. It was in the summer of ninety six. I was travelling in woolens for the great huddersfield firm of carbon crank furnished with a gig in the fast trotting mare. It was my duty to exploit the more scattered parts of the country where the railroad was still unknown and civilization as we use the. Tem tarita while gotham is the name given to a certain wide low lying plain shut in from the north sea by mile upon mile of sandhills. They heaped up like humpbacks along the coast. It was a a kind of causeway running straight through many miles of grain that i drove that hot july. I'd never been in these parts. And i rejoiced. It's such ample evidence of fertility. It argued prosperity for those around. Hence good business for myself on my employees. I made up my mind to remain there for at least a month. I left in less than half that time. As if the plane itself were not sufficiently damp and low lying. The village of them had been built in a kind of central depression immediately beside the river in other respects it difficult slightly from the ordinary english village save that there was no close by the tower of the ruble built church. There was a pot house. Licensed for the sale of liquor to be drunk on the premises. But i failed to get sleeping room. Either for myself or tilly. My weary man darkness was close upon us and i was walking out with days. Drive the same dental prospect of comfort. Even had i gained admittance to this miserable hovel but that was denied me the landlord the bulky monumental lump of indolence stood in the doorway and two factually blocked all entrance a dozen or so of liz collected to admire tilly and amuse themselves at my expense and realized that there were worse fates not have been cast upon an uninhabited island even in new england of ours the closer the nineteenth century while it was in this plight arguing with the landlord and endeavouring to arrive approximately the sense of his die a being human by contrast to those around made he's appearance from out the crowd and approach my gig. He turned out to be the village. Schoolmaster and those around called him. Most abram are you looking for lodging. He said in a smooth and by comparison strangely civilized voice i am i replied soothing titty who small blame to her in no wise appreciate it to remediate surroundings. I'm dick trussell cdt. Tue covering crank if you've heard of the minister forsaken whole ct repeated. Must abraham interactivity caulking. His i lost the which was as bright as any a commercial traveller. Said i in explanation all bagman if you like it better. Eat don't comprehend queen's english in these parts hardly when so abbreviated but if it really board and lodging you seek you can get that only from mrs johnson at the beach pham. There was a murmur from those at hand as he said the name and i thought a somewhat dubious expression upon the faces of one or two i didn't on the whole field drone towards mrs jazz and afam the looked the schoolmaster inquiring louis until league. Knowing this in vouchsafing may no reply he proceeded straightway to climb into my gig without so much as by your leave neither modesty nor and you hesitancy about muster abraham we will get on to mrs jarvis. Farm said i a touch from the whip until he was offered a good spanking trout in the direction. Must abraham it indicated in a few moments. We were out of the site of a hangers-on and driving through the street into another causeway. Similar to the first in the distance we could see the house lying under the li if the sound hills a dismal soda place it seemed the holy solitary yes Yonder is the beach farms at the schoolmaster. And mrs john sale. He stopped suddenly so turned to look at him. What earth is mutt with dismisses. Jostle nothing nothing. I was merely wondering not so much if she could as whether she would accommodate you. You see mrs jones or had some trouble with a last larger. He was a botanist. He called himself amber samuel amber. Some two years ago it was. He boarded the beach farm then. Suddenly he disappeared disappeared. Good lord what do you mean. Exactly what i say. He walked out of young. The house one night never returned. We will close to the house. Now a loomed up suddenly in the mist which lay thick and heavy over the sound hills. I felt horribly depressed. Apart from the intense gloominess of the surroundings the downton darkness and desolation all of which perhaps more than they do act upon my jaded nerves. I was conscious often indefinite sense of uneasiness this one eyed creature. My elbow made me decidedly uncomfortable. I haven't a robust nervous system at the best of times and he with a sinister innuendos was fast gaining a hold on me. There was a door to you see. He went home before. I could speak. Oh there was a daughter was repeated somewhat relieved it might be after all that he was nothing more than the miss scandalmonger i hoped. So yes sir. Mr ombu may love to at least so it's supposed at all events. She disappeared too at the same. Time is a mom. Lottie was a name continued. Must've to abraham to the heedless of my query and they're pretty pink and white creature she was with the loveliest golden hair. I used to call venus of the fan. She was at the phone when i arrived after a while. He left and she with him. He didn't return for twelve month and then only two.

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