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Family of 4 to 4. Fort Worth Woman killed by a police officer Vis filing a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit. Captain's iron. The suit names the city of Fort Worth, the mayor, chief of police and Erin Dean, the officer accused in the shooting death of a Tatiana Jefferson. He is charged with murder and is expected to go to trial in August. Police say Dean was responding to an open door call during the middle of the night in October of 2019. Jefferson was awake playing video games with their eight year old nephew at the time, investigators say. When Dean got to the back window, he saw someone standing inside the home body Cam video shows Dean saying to put your hands up and show me your hands before immediately shooting through the window. Cat Blondes Iron WB AP News White House and Republican leaders resume talks today on President Biden's $2.3 Trillion infrastructure proposal boxes. Rachel Sutherland reports the White House as negotiations have been productive, but the two sides remain far apart on spending the definition of infrastructure and how to pay for it. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Fox is Larry Kudlow, he's willing to negotiate on traditional infrastructure. He draws the line and trump era tax cuts. This is single, most important other judges the single most important thing we did for the country. Democrats could try to use budget reconciliation to move forward on the plan without Republican support. Rachel Sutherland Fox News Being Time Texas Senator John Cornyn is proposing up to 25 cents per mile tax on the country's big trucks to pay for the bill. The point is, we've been spending a lot of money. We can't keep spending money that we are borrowing from future generations. Truckers aren't exactly tooting their horns over that idea from the preservation tree Services. W B A P 24 7 News desk. I'm Kim Lan Kinji. Next update. Is that a 30 24 7 coverage. Wbf p dot com Does this Syriza's look from the Syrians you played last year, you know, no sure way. Haven't played a game one. Yes. So, um Don't.

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