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The corona virus. I don't care where I am. I'm getting Outta here from the murder Hornets because there's this guy online at a from Ohio. Who GETS HIMSELF STUNG BY ONE? Yeah it's amazing. Yeah I wouldn't do that but it looks as though there's another one. I don't know if you saw this online or not. I did not happen. Is that what it is the Lens Wars and rumors of wars? No the one. The first one I saw is where the murder Hornet It was on TMZ. They called it a thrill. Kill because usually just go after honeybees. Right I mean just decimate them they decapitate them and take the thorax back to their nest for the Queen Hard. It truly truly name. Although Japanese honeybees have come up with a way to thwart the murder Hornets I in fact she read what that is but I have seen a headline how so what is this. What is there how do they? How do they Solve the murder with the candlestick. No clue what they do this once one of these murder. Hornets invades their NAST. What they do is they formed this big honey ball and of course you can have some casualties in that effort but they form this big honeybee ball around.

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