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The peanut the cia accept this has not to a chocolate bar is is a an elementary school teacher who went out to bars at night to me guys so during the day in all like third grade teaching at night cruising the bars drinking heavily looking for love oh i got on have lovie i got it and there was a plot of a best book with diane keaton in fact i'll tell you a little side note about this movie diane keaton a few years before had been in the movie the godfather part one when noone knew the be apart two and the movie there is a godfather reference which was clearly an end side joke referring to that and um in this movie the diane keaton character you know would be out at night look in the me guys and then they showed scenes of are coming home and they were played serb piles of dirty dishes in our sink and one day she cubs inch he lifts the dirty dishes and there's all these roaches crawling out if she's been so busy going out trying to find a guy at bar she just keeps dumping dirty dish in the sink and never washington at center abide by girl ontarget target about that's the closest comparison i could fun she was out every fucking night of the week when i was a town that with me every fucking night of the week and when i left she go back to the bullpen for the usual one usual bullpen of god's and the usual group of bartenders and doorman and bouncers who all newer name and so well this is what she did she was out every night she flocked every body in town and again if i'm fucking yeah i don't care if you've been farc and everyone in town but don't you suddenly come to me and.

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