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When you first find out it is an an exciting moment you gotta learn all those chance could have been at a reproductive rights rally and it would have been great in a different context if you put it on a sign? It's something I love. They had there was his second brush with the law that day as he spent the morning yelling at tourists. They don't say what just yelling at tourists. Come Out of women come out and play. Dave December seventeenth is what I have for you. That's right okay. Good coming up birthday did you have to like was was it always like We'll get them. We'll get your real presents on Christmas. Everyone I was asked that I kind of was like that. I don't know. Is that why you became musician that comes from we solved it right in the music. Man Listen lyrics in there dude. He he rose rose above it. Yes I quoted one of. It's not dirty projectors. It's dirty projectors and my right Andy I put it. I'm sorry. It originates man tactically. It's hard to avoid right. I also called you David Longstreth. I'm sorry David December Seventeen beat your Florida. Birthday is the headline Florida. Man arrested after he was hit with dodgeball during heated children's match a twenty two year old man in the Tampa Bay area is behind bars after police say he slapped a team following a heated game of Dodge Ball. A lot.

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