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Blocking two right lanes. Merges vehicles are still under Saint so use caution as still got some Sunday volume on the downtown connector is taking you about nineteen minutes to get from University Avenue to seventeenth street on is seventy five eighty five northbound Mike boozer WSB, listen to Dr Joe the five most dangerous words in the English language. Are maybe it will go away. Stop suffering and start getting well, Dr Joe Esposito is on WSB. Hey, folks, Dr Joe here. Glad you're with us today. We're talking about Heidel hernias, and boy is this hot topic. My gosh, we'll lighten up on social media were light enough on phone calls here. And the reason there's so many people have it does a chiropractor. My job is to help get you out of pain and get you. Well as quick as possible and all my team of doctors are all trained by me. And here's the thing there, my personal doctors. So these are the people that take care of me. And so I wanna make sure that you're getting the best treatment possible. And so I don't let anyone treat you unless I know they're gonna take care of me. And I trust them. So that's why it's important that you come see us. So that we can get the treatment to get the nervous system working properly for neck pain, back pain shoulder. Pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness. We get the digestive system working which we're talking about today. And then we get you on good nutrition, and the minimum amount of nutrients, you need every day is Dr Joe super greens. And Dr Jones essential source into winter. You gotta take vitamin d folks, it's absolutely positively imperative and I talked about vitamin d years ago. And this is another thing. That's in the doctor. Joe was right column. We talked about D And how important it is. Now. All the studies are coming out to help brain function immune system than bone growth. And in so many different things. You gotta get the vitamin d all this up as we talk about her on my website. Dr Joe dot com. So we're talking about high you'll hernia today. And if you irritate vagus nerve, I want to cover this again because we just went to break as I was covering it. If the Vegas nervous being irritated because the stomach is pushed up against the diaphragm the Vegas nerve controls the hardest off against the lungs the stomach the small intestines delivered the gallbladder pancreas and the colon. It also has control over the kidneys the bladder and the external genitalia. So when you fixed it the the stomach so many things get better. This is why Heidel hernias called the great mimicry. It mimics so many other conditions, and how many have you been to the doctor had all these tests done. Nothing was found. Can't find out. What it is. Check the nervous system. Check to Heidel hernia with the vagus nerve issues, and then get some good nutrition in your body, and a lot of those problems in most cases, go away. Now, your stomach's jobs to take proteins and break them into something called amino acids, follow this if I teach you nothing else in years, we spent together remember this. Well, the nervous system controls everything you need to get that fixed. That's the most important thing. Number two proteins break into amino acids, amino acid trip feign becomes serotonin in your brain serotonin makes you happy many of you have emotional disorders, and we fixed the stomach and emotional disorders. Get better serotonin becomes melatonin which helps you what sleep so many of you have acid reflux. You get sleep apnea from the physical aspect of the stomach pushing against the diaphragm. But you're also not producing neurotransmitters that help you sleep tyrosine becomes dopamine dopamine gives you pleasure. How many people have just kinda nothing really thrills me anymore? I remember when I was young. It was fun to do this this this and this now not so much could be justified. A lot of your chronic pain. Gloomy becomes Gaba. Gaba helps suppress pain and you may take supplements of medicines. I'm sorry that have the word Gaba in them to help suppress your pain. When in reality. We just gotta fix the stomach and fixed the pinch nerves as well from chiropractic standpoint. So stop suffering..

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