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We have to start doing more than what we're doing because otherwise i don't really see that things are gonna get much better. Unfortunately and maybe. That's maybe because i spend so much time around people who are feeling that way. It definitely affects more for dishes. Because i see but it's like come on. I mean you think anybody who can take a look at trends and take a look at systems can see. That's that's what's going on. And if we want to get better we have to make some huge radical shifts away from money away from the short term gains and towards the longer term like stability. What does stability actually look like. And how do we get there. And i mean it's not it's not. It's not a utopian fantasy concert countries that do it every day and like we have examples across the world of how things could be better and we just choose not to do that. It's a it's a. it's deliberate effort to just devalues human life. You know that the like you said about about business leaders is that what. What good is it to them. Housing homeless people. You know what they're like. What benefit we get out of that. But that if people like you and i you know we continue to remind people that there's a bigger cycle that there's a bigger way to see this and and really knock on the door of other people's humanity is like what would you say if you saw your neighbor like this. What would you say if you saw a close relative treated like this And you know there's There's there's something to that. I think in terms of understanding why red states spend so little on on those on those kind of things But they get as a negative. That's that's they look like. So much of what could is done in government at least from what i've seen on a local level. Is it so much more about perception like our people being. Are we telling the narrative that we're helping people. Yeah but like are the things that we're doing actually helping people not as much as we could be. And i say this living in a county air living in accounting and then working in the county next to it the trot like where we try. You know. we're at least try. And we're at least spending the money and the taxpayers are willing to do it but in those other places where that's not i mean i bet there's plenty of people that would love to help if they knew that it would work but they don't have they don't have people on their side. They don't have people helping them convince them to say. Hey look this might cost you a little money or like your property tax might go up a little bit but look at what's going to be done with it like you. You're frustrated at how your community is feeling the fact that people are leaving and the fact that all this stuff is drying up. We'll here's a way to do something you know and it's not always perfect but it's better than you know it's better than doing nothing but i feel like that's the problem too is that we get to that point where we say. Oh it's better than nothing but that's the bear fucking minimum. That's not what we should be saying..

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