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Like They're not testing her 'cause they don't have them for them and she's like you know she could be giving it to patients as she's trying to treat patients. It's just wants to admit that I've been right about this thing. And that was about beaten. They think you've read about it was that it was being blown out of proportion from the very beginning That the numbers were. We didn't need to shutdown society that people weren't actually getting a sick that it wasn't as deadliest disease. I've been saying this for a for a fucking month. Also where the the thing is I say living in Manhattan. We're in the East village. I will say like if there's a positive trend in this. I can't argue that. The city is a different fucking place. Dude so it's like I can't say it's not that no I I'd be good. It's all on record. I also said Yeah. We'll say it was because we social distance and that was it worked but it's Bullshit D'Amato said the whole the whole point was that this virus has an incubation period of fucking five fourteen and fighting. The curb wasn't about less people getting flight in the curb was about not overwhelming in the medical system at one specific time in. Everyone's supposed to get this shit. All these people are supposed to die. We're going to stop the people dying by separating we were GONNA slow the people dying for separating bullshit in real if you WANNA keep swallowing their pill. It means that we need to stay doing this until there is a vaccine is a year from now because the theory. If you want still go with these fucking experts is that if you unlock the economy now and send everybody back to work boom overnight. You HAVE TO PEOPLE. We're GONNA die. You'RE GONNA die because slow because oh well it's a you can't really rely on her immunity. That won't happen It's like you know we like everything has to fucking stay lockdown and at a certain point it's like you know it's like is this fucking political and it would make sense that it is. I mean the Democrat Party. Is that fucking stupid that they would recognize? Well we gotta stay in this now at least until fucking November. Because it's like who is there out. I also think you can say it's time to open. The economy tanked the economy until until November and to make. It look like this was his fault. It make this as bad as possible. They're they're they're they're taking the numbers and they're saying if you you know people that have died of pneumonia people that are having heart attacks. Kaunda's corona deaths because they want to inflate those numbers. Because THEY WANNA go look how bad it was book. The way trump responded look the administration responded and they WANNA blame him. That's the only out they have your trump out of office. Well it's I mean. I think that might be there. Might be some truth to that but I think part of it is also that like once. They do what they've done once they shut down the whole fucking American economy and there's fucking something like thirty million people whose lives that have lost. Their jobs lives have been ruined. Then they can't just go whoops. My bad girls can open it so they have to then. At that point you have to defend that decision to the death so at that point they like even if you even if somebody who was like a governor who made this decision goes up. Shit. I'm looking at the same data you are and I don't think it's actually that bad. They can't just admit that they have to go like no. We were right to do this in fucking Democrats probably spent the last month being like we gotta figure out the only thing. They're concerned with how to give. Cuomo the fucking nomination. I'm also even like a say a positive thing about the people though too. I think if things started slow rolling back to normal sooner than later I also think we're just in a time now coming out of this and people realize that it is a sickness is relatively serious. So it's like I think people felt a little under the weather going to be less quick to like run to work that you know what I think people are just GonNa be more careful. Yeah so we don't by the way I'm staying because they're like break again but I'm saying there's things I I. I guess I have have a good immune system. I guess just from all the travel that we do all of us you know with the the Japanese do they feel sick. They wear fucking mask and we live in New York. But it's like yeah. I think there's like different. I think like I probably will because why not like bring my own microphone on the road more because what who gives for that little tiny thing. It's like yeah. Why use the one? That's been used in the next. They're gonNA find out that the whole dramatic things bullshit right so that whole thing like the fact that they're saying twenty five percent or thirty percent of people that are at bowling shoes and I I could absolutely one of the only few conspiracy things I could definitely be convinced about. Is that polling? E E bowen shoes know Idris Elba. Tom Hanks knows people were absolutely like never had it and there was like. Hey can you do as a solid and come? 'cause where's anybody who suffer even from Rudy Gobert the first NBA Guy. Where's anybody suffer? I don't think is a wrong about that shit. I think there's a lot of people who have it. Who are asymptomatic. I don't what's like conspiracy about a Mustang that case I'm just saying like I. I was on death's door. I felt like there is no matter. What I'm saying. Is there inflating that number to scare people who've been more because what it does is it makes you? Oh Shit I haven't I could give it to my aunt like it's a way to go. Johnny think that what? Why do I think that? Why do you think the number of ASEM Dramatic People Are Inflated? Because I think that it's a fear tactic. I really think it's just a fear tactic. I think the scientific community goes with the highest worst-case scenario in the media reports that because it makes people come back when you could just as easily say that. That's that that's the opposite of a fear tactic because that makes people think oh you know if fifty percent of the people who have. It are a symptom than they go. Well I got a fifty fifty shot and not even getting settled. Sold everybody on the idea of social distancing it becomes your personal responsibility to stay home the only responsibility you have to stay. I mean sure if the virus is bad as they say it is but it's like stay home voluntarily so they don't pass the law and make you fucking do it because you're never gonNA get your rights back if that happens. Well then they're finding people thousand five hundred dollars fines. It's crazy for for going out for some pretty hard like charges. I won't wear a mask reviews. Just put a band data on my neck and if I go by people I put it up anyway salute on Ben. Thana six in my.

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