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School get ready to do that, thing that you do and you do so well seventy seven now. Cloudy skies later. Today it is going to be hot we'll get up to the, low, nineties, it's, going, to, feel like. The. Low one hundred's and then. Things will cool off as the showers and storms later this afternoon, our top story this morning we're following breaking. News out of the UK A car plows through. A security barrier outside of parliament in. London injuring several pedestrians we're still working to learn if this was some sort of a terror attack but we. Do know that, one was being seen placed, under arrest one suspect here's reporter Mark white At this. Stage whether. This is, related but Any incidents like this purely a worrying incident with, a vehicle going into, the Eighty s being treated like out in the Boston now images on social media also show paramedics working on, the people who are run over exactly how, many pedestrians injured. We told no at this stage the extent of, their injuries but clearly this but in terms of an incident glam sit up we did it is being treated as a terrorist related incident as yet we're closely following this breaking news story and. We'll update you with details as we learn more conservatives wanted. This guy out appreciate having an FBI agent with an unprecedented level of animists working on two major, investigations. You're in twenty-six struck gets the boot and.

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