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Dan Hicks and Ferte with the call on NBC. And as I said at the top of the show, I guess that eighteen those two shots that we just played for the radio and and television audience. It is in capitals perfectly what a great just rock-solid mentally solid round that Francesco our came out with yesterday to get inside of Tiger Woods on the Vandevelde whole. I'm Tom, I mean on the van-de-velde whole everybody watching Tigers already gotten close to try and birdie to get into clubhouse tied at the with the clubhouse best number and who knows what Molinari can do on that hole. And he gets inside of tiger and walks off with a birdie and the cleric jug. Just remarkable rich Lerner, the golf channel back here and there is and show what you think rich. Well, it's a new generation good to be the rich day. Certainly respect tiger they they know what he's done for the game, what he's done for them, put money in their pocket with these huge TV contracts, but they no longer fear tiger maybe someday that'll change. But that was a sneaky. Great performance by Molinari's sixty nine. It's not sort of a mind blowing number like a sixty four in the final round. But given how difficult Carnoustie played two under par without a bogey under the pressure playing alongside, you know, a mythical creature as showing Norris on Saturday, tiger's playing partner is showing Norris called a mythical creature without a bogey for two days. This case of a guy who was sort of a journeyman for for a long time in his mid thirties in the last two months, suddenly figuring something out and he's been a great player the best player in the world. The last two months became. Sit up, we don't know, but I saw this. I was on the call for the BMW PGA championship. It's the flagship event on the European tour played outside of one in may and Molinari thoroughly outplayed Rory mcilroy for two days over the weekend. I mean, kicked his rear end up down. Sideways didn't miss a shot. But the thing is we'd always call them kinda ball striking genius, but didn't make enough putts. He's added some sort of creativity, magic touch the last two months, and it's made a different players. Now, the six ranked player in the world, and he's every bit of that. And again, I didn't see his round on Saturday very much, but obviously I was locked in on Sunday. I don't even think he came in through the side door with any of his putts rich. Jarring them with pace, and it was phenomenal it and it's hot to. I mean, this guy is mid thirties was just always known as kind of a boring ball striker you ever listen our telecast on golf channel. Anytime Francesco Molinari came on the screen with red Cesco Molinari second shot here at number seven. What are the game's premier boss? Reichel strikers struggles a bit on the greens. And so you know, he just kind of languished. He was good earner made money twenty fifth twenty eight thirty third in the world that kind of guy, but never made any noise. But he is a different guys training differently looking at data. And I think that's the beauty of golfers that you can age. Well, Ben Hogan didn't really peak until he was in his mid to late thirties, Potter Harrington. One three majors beginning at the age of thirty six. So it's possible. Nick foles won a Super Bowl as you know, sort of a journeyman. Quarterback, but I, it was an incredible and a lot of ways the first sort of four to five hours with tiger peaking and tiger threatening. We're more exciting than the last thirty forty minutes. But when you had six guys at one point tied at six hundred par, three or four, the biggest names woods speed. Justin Rose will remake row with eagle at fourteen. It was off the chain, and it turned out to be the highest rated final round of an open since tiger won in two thousand six, Liverpool. Rich nerve golf channel here on the rich Eisen show, and Johnny Miller was commenting during the NBC broadcast rich that Tigers moving spectacularly that that it that he didn't have a care in the.

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