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Today stay off the road today is april twentieth four twenty the unofficial marijuana holiday the king county sheriff's office will be out cracking down on impaired drivers the office cited statistics that show traffic deaths related to high drivers on four twenty often equals or surpasses those on super bowl sunday which generally has some of the worst statistics statistics of the year troopers are looking for a suspect who fired into another car and a case of road rage komo's tammy matassa says the victim was driving early wednesday morning with his pregnant wife on i five bullet hit here that was the first shot there came out there even though is israel had been shot in the leg bleeding behind the wheel shot she's like new or you sure am i don't keep you know live for his family i just thank god for that why are you still that when you filming like report your stolen by but you don't need nine one one you have time to find their ten digit not emergency number alum says he'll be visiting community groups months it's national nine one one.

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