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Red pride and prejudice in zombies one of the first popular mashah books and all three of those things happened right around the same time and so i sort of attributed to all those things happening and being in my head at once and giving me the idea to mashah star with shakespeare mmhmm so tell me about the parallels that you find between the two genres afula star wars i think has so many of the same themes that shakespeare does there are young people who are fulfilling their destinies there are complicated relationships between fathers and sons there are grade villains there are comic side characters great tragedy honestly i think if shakespeare had live today a he would be writing the same sort of popular entertainment that star wars is say it pheasant book thought tim me got to that servicemen how difficult was it fending that idea well what i did was i looked up quirk books online because they're the ones who had published pride and prejudice and zombies their editors email address was there on their website and i sent him an note and said you know i'm a random person you've never met before heard of and i have this idea and he wrote me back it was encouraging enough to say you know if you write something let me know because it's an interesting idea and so i did go ahead and right the first act of the first book and send it off to him and he called me that morning and said okay i really want to do this and the next step than is getting lucasfilm on board so that we have proper licensing for it he sent the manuscript onto a conduct lucasfilm that he had and they actually encouraged me to go even farther with the concept take it outside the bounds of the movie abed's they sort of knew that if i was going to do this concept i should go all the way with it so i revised a couple of scenes senate back to them and then at that point they were happy to talk about licensing was workbooks and so they've made the deal and.

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