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Since i've where i found this fact. It is the highest grossing looney tunes film of any looney tunes film and the highest grossing basketball film of all time. Oh that's i mean understandable right star power. Is there from like there's been legitimate basketball movies after this and nice closest one. If we're talking basketball. I probably coach carter. I think i think he got game. No didn't make that much money to buy. And then last few here director joy pick to actually wanted michael j. fox to play stan. I'm no no actually. It was overruled by the studio. Good jason alexander and chevy chase also considered and then last three here bill. Murray's jersey number is twenty two. Do you want us why there is a reason. Kathy's i is it about lee jordan is it's about one of his movies. That's no no ryan any guesses tori. Second was twenty second movie. No so is a not film groundhog day which occurs on february second or to to raise a space jam was one of the first ever productions to be shot on a virtual studio space. Jam was actually one of the earliest animated productions to use digital technology and finally ladies and gents anyone listening my colleagues here space. Jam is actually now a dc comics film because the film was adapted into a graphic novel published by dc comics through their imprint warner brothers reading so technically if dc has a multi verse. Michael jordan could be in it and at beautiful ryan yes something to say unsorted Has superpower will be. He doesn't need one it from mid court to dunks. Honestly he has bruce wayne's last bruce wayne superpower. He's rich he's originally. So but yeah. That wraps up this week's episode of the fun chat guys. Odd lots spacious and next week and the following week We are doing a back to back. Sinophile roundtable where we are next week. We're looking at terminator two judgment day and in the following movie of all time zatarain aliens and then the following week. We are drafting dc. So so jealous you can come off for that right if you want Already so thereafter everything up then skies until until next week..

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