Jets, Darren Lee, Leonard Williams discussed on Sports Talk Saturday with Sal Capaccio


Really hoping for because, it's just not on the, roster is hoping that the secondary can cover long enough so a, subpar pass rush can be able to get to the quarterback it ineffective strategy it's not one. That's over time has been proven. To be successful it's usually the other way around a really good pass rush can help kind of math What you lack in the secondary so the jets are gonna try to do this in reverse order, here we'll see if it's able to work but, the pass rush for me. Is going to be tough they're really putting a lot of onus on Leonard Williams and in rock so this is a guy who was drafted in the in the top he was drafted with the six of rooks waste a couple of years ago and, he constantly get double and triple team so. The sack production certainly hasn't been there for? Leonard but for? Those who watch the game? Understand how. Good he is and he's going to be a guy that defensive line that. They're hoping can have that double digit. Sack season that's something I know Leonard said multiple times that he wants to accomplish. A season you know I really like Darren Lee coming out of Ohio State but when the jets decided to put him. In the middle their defense I didn't like that move I felt you know he's not. He's he's too late in the but you know what I mean. To to play that spot house he worked out and. What is the plan for him One hundred percents that when they drafted him I'm. Like okay finally the jets are reinvesting into. The outside linebacking corps because really it seems like the jets have been. Scared and you know when I say, this name it sends ripple effects all cross Jeff nation that's. Burning Goldstone the former six overall pick from years ago one of the. Biggest bus in NFL history it seems like almost the jets have been. Scared to try to make another selection high in the draft to bringing a pass rusher when Darren was selected I'm like. Okay we're breaking the Molko little bit from the sixth, overall pick but this is a guy, who has taken the top, twenty five fish that hopefully can make that transition immediately Todd Bowles says he's gonna plug them in and tried. I didn't like it I know, the hybrid kinda playmaker that he brings to the. Table you, bring speed he brings coverage ability but just what you, said he just doesn't have that but he doesn't have that, will be, on him whereas able to. Move around, a while, the new. Message is here with the jets, moving on from David Harrison moving on from tomorrow Davis and some. Of these cats are relaxed couple of years now there Lee is going to be calling, the place, for, the, defense they did also bring an Avery Williamson veteran, linebacker from the Tennessee titans by like him a lot. I I think, he's gonna help yeah and, hopefully he can be a three, down fair and that's something that abras been adamant about at when speaking. To the media he was too down player. For the Tennessee titans titans out a lot of the time took him out on third down and he says that he could play on third down to. Wasn't really, he, didn't really understand what the titans were doing but he kind, of just accepted what the copious said here with the jets what they're going to be able to do with. Both daringly Avery Williamson the, plan right now for Darren. Lead to call played. For the first half of the season or so and Avery Williamson. Once he works. Himself into the Todd, bull schemes in this he. Is going to help share, a play calling duties there on the defensive side, of the football talking with Paul as, then he is from the score twelve sixty in Syracuse New York jets, preview I thought Todd Bowles, deserve major consideration for coach of the year last year. I love What he did with, that team they they just like Sean McDermott I felt you know in. A very similar fashion maybe even more so did much more with less around the league this is. A, team that people said they. Were, going to be historically bad especially an offense that. We're gonna have the number one pick people thought they were tanking like they. Did here in buffalo where is he right now with this..

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