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Eighty seven eighty five eight six. Zero t r u k now I mentioned. There at the top, of the hour in the state of Florida Some hundreds of gun owners ordered to give up their guns under the new law that took effect after the parkland shooting back in February According to the report that was published on Monday The order was signed by governor Scott just three weeks after that shooting Now to date they say roughly two hundred, firearms have been confiscated in the state, since the law has been enacted According to the Pinellas county sheriff's office as well as around thirty thousand rounds of ammunition There is. A five person team in that county that have worked solely on the risk protection law that was they filed sixty four risk protection Petitions in court Broward County according to the news outlet is filed eighty eight risk protection petitions since March It's a constitutional right to bear arms and when you're asking the court to deprive someone of that right We need to. Make sure we're making good decisions right. Decisions and the circumstances warrant this according to the Pinellas county sheriff Every petition filed under the order in Pinellas county so far has been granted by the judge The first gun seizure under the law occurred in April when Thorens confiscated a. Are fifteen semiautomatic rifle from an army veteran Jaren smith Said his gun was seized when he refused, to surrender voluntarily That was in Broward County officers also seized a twenty, two caliber, rifle that he owned hundreds of rounds of ammunition bump stock and numerous other weapon related items Addition to confiscating guns the law also raised the, age to, buy a rifle to twenty one And also established that three day waiting period On gun purchases Now this is Supposedly this is about people, who may Be a. Risk of harming others or harming themselves I think this is where they're going. Back, to the whole mental health thing It is a very. Lengthy written law and I haven't had time to read the whole thing but Very, interesting All right let's get back to the. Phones here what's going. On stigler Well Mark good, Martin my brother from another. Mother what's up buddy Oh, it's a, Tuesday that better than a Monday and in Florida you know I'm waiting for, the day when they knock on the wrong door and say, give, us your, gun that gonna be an interesting guy says no I'm thinking I'm thinking the, army veteran probably has. Been diagnosed with the likes, of PTSD that, sort of thing and I, think I mean Apparently of crazy, people with gun at. Some point it's gonna go I have a, feeling that the odds are stacked against them that at some point. It's just, not going to be a good. Day for those, officers you know I just see. That, one, coming and it's gonna probably come in it's gonna be a big one, so just you. Know when it, happens don't be surprised, now let's talk homeless well actually I talked about that knucklehead. In Florida who's deciding to the independent. Drivers. What they can they're independent thinking collude all they. Want and they just don't have. To show up your. Dance civility you can't make them all your stop knucklehead I don't care how powerful, you'd think you are they can collude all they want they are. Independent contractors They're. Not they're not part of your company they're independent. Which means on their own companies. You dumb at all Collusion Judge 'cause you guys are independent You want they collude every time they gathered. Together in a truck stop So how. You gonna percent I mean that one just blew me away Wow that's. That's against the law and constitution. Antitrust violation yeah antitrust okay that's yeah these. Guys are form your corporation they're not trying. To corner the market anymore. They just don't want to haul your dumb Because they don't wanna. Wait five hours a day at your facility Pretty simple to me What was your Demi, Levato LA or, whatever, and another spoiled brat rich kid loser sucking down drugs gone to her. Parents money or whatever why, didn't she comes Cincinnati Sanctuary, city, for drug addicted homeless people all I know is she's been battling addiction. For years they say so Exactly Care she got spoiled brat rich kid who whose parents got her on the Disney channel Give a damn anything I didn't die would have been another loser off the planet Plain and simple some spoiled brat rich kid who been really ignoring that From the influence, why would we be directed oh yeah, they don't have that in California but they do have that in Ohio and it seems like it's. Interesting to, me that nobody's going to jail for being under the influence I mean you'd seems, like I can go. Up in the middle, of the street right now and they're gonna me. And on my way I don't have. To worry about going to jail I don't have to go to recap I don't have to go. To a hospital so I can go shoot. Up ten minutes later actor. Still? Walk away in your third street. Art. It's still in the city, right it's, still part of city property absolutely I suppose Cincinnati has. The I mean the ordinance that you. Can't set up a ten on city but I was about to get you I couldn't sworn that. There's an ordinance city of natty which is. A law for them that, you're? Not allowed to camp on city. Property. In public How is third street ground Can somebody might get third? Streets maintained by taxpayer dollars is? It. Not. From the city sure okay How. Would that bother gramps public grounds are given to. You by the government in and smoke? Marks there the city doesn't maintain the government does big. Difference so how was third street? Public property I can someone where are they getting? These these numbers and how about the homeless persons what? Do they call it a Bill? Of. Rights A Bill. Of. Rights Bill of rights wait, a. Minute, so. You stole all your? Life that you lost your house whatever region and don't get me wrong some people. Lose their house because they've lost a job or. I try but ninety nine percent of? These losers are drug addicts they lost their home they lost their property because they're losers? Okay and they want a? Bill right oh wow That should. Be amazing for them I wanna see them just crack. This whole, Bill of rights what else these these holdouts. Were talking about right now, there's about twenty, of them I, mean every all the others were offered assistance to get them, into a shelter get them into some. Sort of a permanent housing or they were all offered help these are, the individuals who said we don't want your help we. Want you just to. Leave us the hell alone just we're. We're. Not going anywhere the refusing, to. Go, so They had to one guy. He was he was literally being, interview you get over game. Sandwich eating five gallon bucket sweat and greasy looking individual. Showered in, five months get up in front of the. Mike Yeah just like did my, hustle along for the, day and then. You know that just want to, be left alone I don't mind being It's like did you Representative guy you chose to. Come out but yeah Most? Of, those. People that are out there. Are they want to stay there. Well fine but you can't stay bad you just moved down the row it's like when they closed off that. One. St. there in Cincinnati for pocket anywhere you just move three blocks exactly they put barricades up to keep the prostitutes and. They. Moved a, couple of blocks away that you are one hundred, percent correct That didn't work All right got. To move ahead get a quick. Time. Out here thanks have. A good morning we'll be back. In two one eight t. N it's pink.

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