Why Youre Bad at Fact-Checking, Reducing Anxiety with Horror Movies, and Why Urine is Yellow

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Today. You'll learn about an illusion that shows how your brain processes information white peas yellow and how watching horror movies can help reduce exile eighty but satisfy some curiosity on the award winning curiosity daily. We've got three trivia questions for you. Are you ready question one? How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark question to what's the nationality of Thomas, Edison? The inventor of the telephone question three. What were the first words uttered by Louis Armstrong when he set foot on the moon? Let's recap and see how you did. How many of each animal did Moses take on the ark you said to? But Moses didn't take animals on the ark. That was Noah for number two. What's the nationality of Thomas Edison, the inventor of the telephone? You might have said American, but Thomas Edison, didn't invent the telephone that was Alexander Graham Bell. And what were the first words uttered by Louis Armstrong when he set foot on the moon? Your answer might have been one small step for man. But that answer is a giant leap. Louis Armstrong is a legendary trumpet player whose name is actually pronounced Lewis. Well, he he pronounce his own name Lewis. Yeah. Let me go. Neil Armstrong was the first man in the moon. So why did the questions fool you? It's all in how your brain processes information. This bit of trickery is called the Moses solution, and it shows how bad you are at picking up on eyars in your everyday life. Researchers I came up with it in one thousand nine hundred eighty one study where more than eighty percent of participants missed the problem with the Moses question studies show that illusions like this can lead people to pick up false information about the world's. Fortunately, there's one way around this. When people are asked to play facts checker and correct errors as they read their much less likely to pick up false information than people who just read what they're given. The takeaway is that if you assume anything you hear or. Or read could be wrong than you'll be more likely to notice when it is. But you can rest assured that we check all our facts on this podcast, the award-winning curiosity monthly we all see the same sky and ask why is the sky blue? But we also all go to the bathroom. So how can we never ask? Why is our P yellow lucky for you? We're science nerds. So we've got some answers, and they might tell you something about your health long story short urine his yellow because of a chemical called euro billon or euro chrome. Here's the deal. Your body has a massive amount of red blood cells. But they don't last very long before the need to be washed out of your system. Even after they've passed their expiration dates red blood cells contain iron, white blood cells gobble up that iron to keep it in your body. And then they did that ex red blood so rapper that's called Bill Rubin. Some of that Bill Rubin heads, dear kidneys, your kidneys. Suck out valuable nutrients and transform that Bill Rubin into a molecule that happens to be yellow the. Mount of water in your body can dilute that chemical which is why are urine can means from crystal clear to a deep amber color, so very generally speaking. That's why the more clear your urine is the more hydrated. You are if it's deeper yellow or amber or Honey coloured, then you might want to hydrate a little more, and if it's neon yellow, then you might have excess riboflavin in your system, which means you probably just popped a multivitamin or you drink and energy, drink, really. Yep. Other non yellow colors or possible. And we are not medical professionals. So don't panic, but you might want to see a doctor if it comes out brownish pink or reddish, orange or even blue in green. That's actually a thing that can happen with certain rare genetic diseases and fizzy nece or foaming this can happen sometimes too if it's just fizzy once in a while, then it's probably a harmless hydraulic effect. If it's regularly foaming than it could be kidney problems or excess protein in your diet. say a good horror movie to stimulate your next date night.

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