Former Pennsylvania attorney general may soon begin jail sentence


Saying former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen canes bail should be revoked and she should go straight to jail. Joining us live be suburban bureau chief Jim our good afternoon. Michelle that motion has just been filed. Prosecutors argue now that the Pennsylvania supreme courts declined to hear Kathleen canes appeal. She's no longer eligible for bail. Cain was sentenced to ten to twenty three months in county prison in October two thousand sixteen here. Mike Emery county, but she's been free on bail, pending her appeal now, the balls in the court of her trial, judge Montgomery County common. Pleas court judge Wendy Detrick alloy as to whether the bales immediately revoked and came should report the prison or county jail. Or if a report date will be set. Cain had requested the Pennsylvania supreme court here. Her appeal in may after the state superior court upheld her twenty sixteen conviction on perjury and obstruction for leaking privileged. Grand jury information. And lying under oath to try to cover it up yesterday. The supreme court announced they would not take on that appeal. So again, this this motion just filed the Montgomery County DA's office asking that Kathleen canes bail immediately

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