DA Rosen exploring legal options after Reuben Fosters latest arrest


You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. DA Roseanne exploring legal options after Ruben Foster's latest arrest. Santa Clara county district attorney Jeff Rosen said he has exploring the legal options after former forty Niners linebacker Ruben foster who is on probation for a gun charge in the bay area. Was again booked in jail over the weekend. This time in Tampa Florida on suspicion of domestic violence. Rosen released a statement on Monday morning one day after the forty Niners released foster twenty four following his Saturday arrest at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay on suspicion of one count of first degree misdemeanor domestic violence battery. We are sad though, not surprised and exploring the legal options Rosen said in the statement the cycle of domestic violence. It's frightening and frighteningly powerful every day. This office faces the challenges of keeping survivors safe and holding domestic violence, abusers criminally accountable foster who is out of jail after posting two thousand dollars is accused of. Attacking his on again off again girlfriend. Eliza NS Twenty-eight during an argument in their hotel room. Tampa police on Monday received a nine one one call of the incident. My ex-boyfriend took my phone and broke it and slap me in my face. The woman in the recording later identified as NS told the dispatcher the operator asked NS if foster was still at the hotel, and she answered that he had gone downstairs and has said she did not need paramedics for her injuries. And is is in Foster's tumultuous relationship has been marked by calls to police and legal trouble. Prosecutors charged foster with domestic violence after Anna's told police he attacked her at his Los Gatos home in February and is though later recanted her statements when prosecutors filed charges the district attorney's office, though, still preceded with the case setting up a dramatic courtroom confrontation during a preliminary hearing inmate and has testified that she made up the attack after foster broke off their relationship, prompting Santa Clara county Superior Court Judge to dismiss. The charges as we said when the judge dismissed the case against Mr. foster our commitment to domestic violence survivors is unwavering Rosen said Monday foster later, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor. Weapons charge. For an illegal rifle. Officers found on the floor of his bathroom and was sentenced to two hundred thirty two hours of community service and two years probation in July the NFL suspended foster for the first two games of the season. Following the plea team general manager John Lynch at the time said the forty Niners will continue to work with him on making better decisions and eliminating unnecessary distractions, but then in October officers in Santa Clara responded to a domestic disturbance incident between the couple after a neighbor called police. Investigators took pictures of the scene, but found no evidence of a physical violence and left without making an arrest. Officials said a forty Niner spokesman said Sunday the team was unaware of the October incident. The district attorney's office now has a number of options. Including refiling criminal charges against foster related to the February domestic violence arrest. Filing a motion to revoke his probation or both the whole idea was he was supposed to obey the law and stay out of trouble. And even a new case in another state can qualify as a probation violation said legal analysts you've Clark a former Santa Clara county prosecutor who now works as a private defense attorney. But recharging the case from February will likely bring a multitude of challenges for prosecutors specifically related to Anna says credibility, her prior statements would be admissible and unless she had a very credible excuse as to why those statements were not true. I think it's going to be a difficult case for the district. Attorney Clark said San Francisco Chronicle staff writer, Megan Cassidy contributed to this report. Evans Sarnoff he is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer, Email eastern off ski at SF chronicle dot com. Twitter at Evans, sir. Noffke?

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