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New York review of books and journal of ideas the latest issue includes Jason Farago on Caleb Crain Laura Colby on Silvina Ocampo Nathaniel rich on PT Barnum and entries from our pandemic journal online it and what books dot com Adelphi university's master's degree program in business analytics with stem designation students explore information driven business decision making Adelphi dot EDU slash analytics hospital for special surgery now offering virtual visits in orthopedics sports medicine rheumatology physical therapy sports performance and more learn more at HSS dot EDU slash virtual weeks we've heard about panic shoppers causing a run on toilet paper by rationally hoarding it but that ignores one key factor to the toilet paper you use when you leave the home is not the same toilet paper you use at home incomplete information whether about supply chains or infection rates leads to incomplete narratives is this week's on the media from W. NYC tonight at eight on ninety three point nine FM W. NYC this is all of it and now the Stewart so as many of you listening are you know we have this great book club that's part of our show it's called get lit with all of it and each month we usually gather in the green space for a live book club event with the author audience we have music we have some wine then there was kind of a nineteen and we had to adapt so last week we announced that the New York Public Library has become a partner with get lit with all of it the libraries getting thousands of extra copies of the book and we've chosen to read each month and get a copy for free for three weeks on your kindle E. reader by downloading then your public library app it is free you can do it from home last count I believe eight hundred people have something crazy number like that we've also announced last week that April book club selections going to be digging King Kong by National Book Award winner James McBride it is a great read you can pick up your copy now download one of the E. copies made available by the library or you can grab a copy from your local indie bookseller we know a lot of them are still shipping books to support local bookstores now the cap off this booklet experience that we're going to have together I'm gonna be hosting an online live stream book club event on April thirtieth at seven PM hi we'll be live.

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